Long time, No see

Warning: strong language.
Maya Jenny Jones, ran away when she was 5. No one knows why! Now she's 18 she's back! Changed her name to Electra Unique Jones, got a stay strong tattoo and she is just another puzzle to be solved in the town of Doncaster.
Louis Tomlinson ;D


5. paps


As we exited the mall, paps were everywhere! I felt dizzy and I was going to collapse, until I felt 2 arms wrapped around me. I fell. All I could see was blackness.

"Shhh guys she okay she's just a bit claustrophobic!" Louis whisper yelled at the others, I moved to my side and grabbed onto something hairy whilst I opened my eyes." Sorry," I whispered as I let go of Louis's hair," it ok babe! Are you ok?" He asked pulling me up by my hips and sitting me on his lap." Yep! Anyways better now!" I smiled flipping my dark brown hair with highlights of blue to one side. He cradled me back and forth before he smashed his lips on mine, well obviously I kissed back. We stayed like that for a while.

"Keep it pg. people!" I heard a laughing Harry behind us, so I got up and ran after him. He stopped at the tv room and I fell into him in which we landed on the floor with a massive BANG!!!!!!!! We were laughing, then we were laughing at nothing. I don't get my friends sometimes!

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