Long time, No see

Warning: strong language.
Maya Jenny Jones, ran away when she was 5. No one knows why! Now she's 18 she's back! Changed her name to Electra Unique Jones, got a stay strong tattoo and she is just another puzzle to be solved in the town of Doncaster.
Louis Tomlinson ;D


6. L.O.V.E


'We have breaking news! Louis Tomlinson from one direction apparently threatened someone and hit his presumed girlfriend! Who is she? We will have more on it after this!'

"WHAT?!?!" I screamed " THATS A LIE! HE NEVER FUCKING HIT ME!!!!" Louis wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear,"it's for good tv no fans will be believe it!" I nodded and grabbed my phone. I logged onto twitter and update my status to ' I doubt Louis would do that! He couldn't hurt a fly never alone his presumed girlfriend!' 2 minutes after I had LOADS of replies saying stuff like 'I agree!' Or 'I wounded who she is?' I smiled." Are you ok?" Harry asked I nodded and stood up," where are you going?" Louis asked " no of your business!" I joked and he replied with a large smile. I made some toast and came back." Why didn't you tell me you was going to make food?" Louis put and emphasis on food," because I knew I have to make you some!" I smiled. He got up an took my last slice of toast,"WHOA!! Give it back!" I said standing up and trying to reach it only for him to put it up further.

" No! Give me something for it!" He chuckled before running into the kitchen, I caught up to him as we came to a halt. I snaked my arms around his neck and crashed my lips into his. Every second like that was HEAVEN!! I let go out of breath and grabbed the slice of toast," thanks babe! You know what I want!" Louis smiled. I loves it when he called me babe!" Well then what do we have here?!" Zayn shouted whilst leaning against the door and all the others looking at us with massive grins on their faces.

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