The Hole

Something's weird about this place, and I’m going to figure it out. Even if it’s not easy.


6. The Hole

The address on the paper is 4514.

Do I feel symathy ?? More like frightened.

Yeahhh…that’s it.

How could that even happen ?

Maybe someone set me up,but who can even contact a ghost?

Did the mail man set this up?

Was it a ghost ? Who can I trust ?


 I walk downstairs to get a cup of water.

I see my mom in the backyard gardening on the right side.

“Hey sweetie,wanna help me put these flowers in?"


"You can get started on that side,” she points to the left next to these big bushes.

She has on a blue blouse with jeans and white sandals. She gets up and walks to the porch, just then I hear the door shut. I start patting down the dirt and I hear this scratchy plastic noise. I quickly remove all of the dirt digging my nails in to find out what it is.

It takes me a while,and then I stand up to see how far I got.

All the dirt is gone and all that remains is a hole with blue and white plastic raper on it.

Mom comes back outside she stops dead in her place and drops her basket.The tools come crashing down to the floor.

"What happened here?"


 “I have an explination,”I shout before she goes away.

She stops in her place.


I remove all the stuff off of my desk with one arm.

I see a piece of newspaper hanging off of my dresser and grab it.

She’s silent.

“Where did you find this ?”

“In the attic”

“And look,”I point to the location I tell her about dad's address and the letter’s in the dirt. 

"I just think that’s a coincidence”

“Is it mom ? who would magicaly put that in the dirt ?”

“Dont worry about it,you’ll be fine”


"You’ll be fine." 

"This is what you do,you worry too much."

"Is this dad's address?"I asked her.

"I don't know.After I he left I never spoke to him again."

"You have to know something,"I whined.

"Alright,I know his parents live near Glendale"

"Don't ask me anything else."

"I wont,"I replied.


Next morning I ask Joseph if I can go to the post office. I can’t sit around and wait for disasters to happen.

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