The Hole

Something's weird about this place, and I’m going to figure it out. Even if it’s not easy.


8. Over and Over

My mom looked at me.

"Do you remember anything? "

I paused.I couldn't tell her about Joseph.

"The only thing I could remember from today is when I got dressed. "

I looked over to David.

"Why are you here? "I asked.

"I came to see you, you're my daughter. "

"Who are you talking to? "my mom asked.

I stared at her.

"You can't see him? "

"Melissa, you're scaring me. "

It was all so confusing. If she couldn't see him, why did I?

"Ever since we moved to the house you've been acting strange. "

"Mom open your eyes.Ever since we moved to the house I've been seeing things! "I shouted.

The doctor came in.

"Cathy, I think she needs some rest. "

My mom stood up out of the chair.

"I love you. "

I could tell she was about to cry.She closed the door behind her.Great, now my mom hates me.

The doctor put something in my IV.My eyes slowly drifted to sleep.

I woke up in a tunnel that was drenched in water.

On the left side I saw Joseph.

"Good, you're here. "

Surprisingly,he hugged me.

"Yeah, where are we? "

"I'm not sure. "

My eyes adjusted, and I realized we were underground.

Joseph had his hands on my shoulders.

His face was darkened, and I could see the slightest fear in his eyes.It was as if he was counting on me.All of his clothes were ruined with dirt.

"We have to get out of here. "

"I don't feel to good about this place. "

"Me too. "

Two little boys appeared.

"Let's go. "

I grabbed him by the arm,but he didn't move.

"No, you make a run for it. "

My heart broke.

They got closer.

"No, Joseph come on! "

He pulled me by my shirt.

"I'm not coming! " he screamed.

I was shocked.

Tears ran down my face.

I was suprised that they did.

The soil soaked in-between my feet.

I didn't realize what he said until he shook me.

"Go "I heard him say from behind.

Once he had let go, I ran to the right.

The tunnel was getting longer and longer.

I was running in the same direction over and over.

A bright light shinned in my face.

My eyes adjusted to the sun, and I was back in the hospital.



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