The Hole

Something's weird about this place, and I’m going to figure it out. Even if it’s not easy.


1. Moving

My mom is driving me to are new house SHE picked out of course I don't ever get to say my will. I guess its because its barely a thousand a month,and lately its just been me and her.


My father left us when things  just started getting worse, my mom wasn't getting paid that much.

Just when things got better it was already to late,and my mom wanted to start fresh.

Now here we are.

My mom parks on the side of the driveway,and I jump out of the car to get my stuff.

I grab my stuff out of the trunk.

It's pretty much easy since I don't have that much stuff.

Most of it has either been thrown in the trash,or left behind.

I push the door to open hold it,even though I know it's not going to last for long.

My mom says,"Hold on Melissa,I have something heavy."

I sit there inpatient because I want to see if my room's big or not ,and most of the time it takes too long to reset the whole living room.

She puts the box down and looks at me.

"Thanks hon." 

After what it almost seems like fifteen hours, the master piece is finished.

We heard the door bell ring,and I went to answer it.

I saw a guy with brown short hair in the door way with a blue polo short sleeve shirt.

He was holding a package.

I grabbed it out of his hands.

"Thanks"I said.

I was about to close the door,but he started talking.

"I see you moved into th​e hole house," he said under his breath.


"Nothing,"he said quickly.

"Just don't mess with it," he said moving his hands in precaution.

"With what ?"I asked a little annoyed.

"Never mind, nice to meet you, bye"he said quickly.

 He was about to walk away but then I grabbed his shirt.

"What are you talking about a-"

My mom interrupts.

"Let him, go what has gotten into you lately ?"

I let go of my grip and he runs away.

"Well did-" I stop and don't even try to say anything. 

I rush upstairs while she looks back out the window.At that guy.She knows what's up.

We both eat at the dinner table,and it's silent the whole time. 

She breaks the silence.

"So, what do you think of the house ?"

I don't want to say its a little old and rusty,but it'll do .

 Instead I say -"It's decent."

After I get ready to go to bed, it's still trembling in my mind.Why did he say it so quickly? and I forgot the other thing he said "don't do"... something.

Wow,it's past ten thirty and I still haven't figured it out.

 Finally, I went to sleep.

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