The Hole

Something's weird about this place, and I’m going to figure it out. Even if it’s not easy.


5. Detention

I walk into the library where I see Mrs.Williams pass by.

A guy with black hair to the side and a black jacket was sitting at a table with his arms crossed.

 Another boy with blonde hair that had a grin on his face.

The last was a girl with brown hair who had her feet on the table.

I took an empty seat at a table.

"You guys are going to stay in here until 6.You can either sit here,or do nothing.If you have to go to the bathroom you may go.I suspect you guys can handle it yourselves."

That's when Joseph comes in and sits next to me.

"I had to sneak out of Mr.David's class."

"Why ?"I whispered.

"He was gonna give me detention for another week."

Mrs.Williams had already left,and I was planing on doing some research.

I got up and went to the bathroom.

There wasn't that many lights since the school was almost closing.

I turn right and see double doors.

There was only a little light coming from outside.

The boy was outside again but this time he was running. Helplessly I went to go find him. It was a chase.

I knew I wouldn't be able to catch him,so I went up to the roof.I saw nothing.Then I turned around and he was behind me.

Just then  leaped off of the cliff.

I went to look down and there was dirt.

 Letters spelled, "OPEN IT,OR ELSE."

Joseph came up next to me.

"Come back down, Mrs.Williams is going to suspect something soon"

We both run to the library and she's standing there.

"Where were you?"

"We were in the bathroom."

"If your lying to me, you'll have another week in detention"

"They were, I saw them"the guy with the blonde hair said.

"Okay, If you say're lucky,"she says and walks away.

"I think you owe me,"he says cockily.

"Don't count on it,"Joesph replies.

We walk home and someone approaches me.

"Are you Mellisa Jones ?"


"This is for you," he says and hands me a letter.

I go inside and put down my stuff.

"Honey,where have you been ?"

"I had detention"

"Why ?"

"For talking about one of my friends,"I lied a little.

"When you feel like you need to talk, you can always come to me"

"I know"

"Okay, just checking then"


She thinks that I'm still sad about my dad. She tries to cheer me up to make me feel better.Like I don't have to suffer. I hate how she does that because I already know how much she cares for me.


Once I get to my room I close the door. I read the newspaper from yesterday.

*Two kids were murdered last night and their bodies were found in a HOLE in the backyard of a house on Lakersveil St. with the address 8803**Apparently the hole was sealed up when we found it,sounds like a unusual discovery*

No it can't be, Are house ? My address is 8803.

Fuck. I look at the letter and open it.

Wait ! It's from my dad.


    Dear , Mellisa

           I don't know why I wrote this letter,but I did because I miss you. You are the most wonderful girl I've met. You might hate me right now but I can't spend each day worrying about you,and I don't have your opinion.That's not all that I want to talk about. I'm wondering if anything unusual is happening over there ? because bad things are going on over here. My wife,you're step mom is becoming weak.My dad died yesterday,your grandpa.Remember him.I have nightmares about it.This little boy keeps on popping up in my dreams.I always wake up to see you dead.Is there anything going on ? I trust you.





I crumple it up and throw it in the trash. What's going on ? David would never send something like that.How did he even get our address?

Mom couldn't have told him because she changed her number a long time ago.

This thought proccess is going to take longer than I thought.

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