The Hole

Something's weird about this place, and I’m going to figure it out. Even if it’s not easy.



The next day I get ready for a normal day at school.

When honestly now I can't think about anything besides what happened yesterday.

Now I know I can't tell anyone.

What was it anyway ? a demon,a vampire.

Honestly I'm going crazy.

I just need to move on with my day.

Almost late, I managed to get to school.....well I am late.

I open the door slowly so I won't get caught.

As soon as I sit down she glances at me.

"Late Miss.Jones,"she says.

"Sorry,I didn't get to the bus on time"

"TIME is waistless, stop a clock"

I sigh and start getting out my stuff.

Just then the guy I met from last time taps me on my shoulder.

"You don't have to act like you don't,we all hate her"

"Trust me, I don't have the script"

He laughs and sits back in his seat.

This time he's wearing a black shirt with black boots and has a cocky smile.

"Mellisa and Joseph"


"I come here to teach,and for you to learn "

After a painful 7 hours.

School is over.

"Don't you think it was really bitchy for us to get detention?"Joseph asked.

"Yeah I guess."

We walked home.

"All see you in detention,"he said holding quotes.

 "Haha yeah me too"

I walk to my house and go inside.

"Hey honey can you check in the attic for me and  take out all the old stuff in there"

"Uhhh...Okay,"I say sighing.

I pull down the string and lower down the latter.

Once I get up there I start pulling back the cob webs.

Then I trip over the wooden floor.

The nail was sticking out so I lift it up.

At the bottom there was a box.

I opened it and saw a newspaper.Eager,I took it down with me and put it in on my desk.Later I looked up crazy things you imagine and this popped up:

"Chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome" I thought for a moment and read what it had said... When you have stress you see things that you shouldn't. Can I have this ? No...your going crazy. CRAZY.

I look at the article and read it with these exact words,“THE HOLE.”

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