Oh my baby! (A Megan and Liz Fan Fiction)

Sarah lives in L.A with her two bff´s Megan and Liz, she is in college, senior year, she is 18 years old, and she broke up with her boyfriend because he cheated on her with the captain of the cheerleader team.
After she breaks up with him, she has to make some dissensions that will change her life forever, and a new love that she have never thought of happens……


1. I´m late!

“Sarah, please open the door, I wanna talk to you”, James yells form the other side of the door.
“Go away James, I don´t wanna talk to you ever again, we are done!” I yell back with cry in my voice, but I don´t wanna cry, he is not worth it, after 2 years he cheats on me, unbelievable.
“James, I think it is best if you just leave now” I hear Megan say in a calm but irritated voice.
I sit down next to the door as I hear James car pull away and Megan come inside.
She sits down next to me and put my head in her hands and looks me in the eyes.
God I love her brown eyes! Wait, stop! Don´t do this, don´t fall for her, it will ruin everything.
“What happened?” she asks and I snap out of my thoughts and tears run down my cheek and lands on the wooden floor.
“He cheated on me” I say and start crying more, “hey don´t cry, he is not worth it”, Megan say and pulls me into her and hug me tightly.
I wanna stay like this, in her arms not thinking about anything, I feel so safe right here in her arms, wait what am I saying,  I can´t fall for her, too late you already did, fuck!
“Come on lets go get some dinner”, Megan say and I snap out of my thoughts and she helps me up, ‘2what would you like sandwich or pizza?” Megan asks.
“I´m not hungry” I say and sit in the sofa and turns on the TV, “okay then we can just sit here and watch TV” Megan says and sits down next to me.
All of a sudden I feel sick and lay down with my head on Megan’s legs, she runs her fingers through my hair and I close my eyes.
After a couple of minutes I get really sick and run to the bathroom to throw up, a surprised Megan is coming in and she rubs my bag.
When I am done throwing up I sit down next to the toilet and Megan gets a towel for me from the sink, I see a pack of tampons under the sink and freeze.
“Megan, what day is it today?” I whisper, my voice is hoarse, and I look at Megan with a scared look in the eye.
“It is Friday the 5th” Megan says and sit down next to me, “Sarah what is going on are you sick” she ask and take my hand.
I am not even looking at her, “I am late…… My period is late”, I whisper and I can feel Megan’s hand letting go of mine and she walks away.

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