Troubled love

Abused, Abandoned, found, in love?
Abby was 17 when her mum and dad died and is being taken care of by her brother what will happen when the brother decides to beat her and blame her for everything?Who will she meet? Will she be saved?... Your just gonna have to read:)


1. When I Was 10 (flash back)

I was ten and my brother was like my best friend his name is Luke Moreno and my names Abby.


Hey Luke good job scoring the winning goal!! We are so proud of you!!! My parents say to him.

My parents don't like me I was an accident. Long story short their condom broke and it was too late to get an abortion. I know sad right? I'm not even loved my brother stands up for me though when my parents yell at me and try to hurt me.

Hey bud let go out for some ice cream you me and your mum. What do you say? My dad asks.

Well what about Abby? Can't she come to I mean she is just as much apart of this family as I am!

"Do you want to go or not? No not if it means we can't bring Abby along I'd rather stay at home and listen to complete silence."

"Ugh fine son she's coming to as long as we get to celebrate your accomplishments." Said dad

"Ya whatever. C'mon let go Abby."

"Thanks Luke but you really didn't have to do that. I would have just gone home and cleaned plus I'm not that big of a deal plus I could have called Paul so I had some one to talk to if he would just answer sometimes."

I mean I know he has an important job bring a security guard but sometimes I really need him and when I do he's not there for me I mean he is my dad's brother he could do at least something to help me. I haven't seen him in six months he's on some tour with a band he's protecting. I think the bands called two directions or something I've only heard the name once and I can't use the internet or anything only my brother gets those privileges. The only reason I have a phone is because Luke has a paying job and he bought me one so if there was an emergency with my parents or anything else I could call him or uncle Paul. My parents don't know and we made sure uncle Paul knew about everything so I could call him without my parents knowing anything. I have an aunt Cassidy but she hates my mum so she never comes over and she hates me to I guess and only cares for my brother. I know shocker right. She is my mums twin sister but I've only seen her once or twice when my brother and her met up some where but since she hates me she told Luke to send me away so she didn't have to see my hideous face. Which is probably true I'm not even aloud to look at my self in the bathroom mirror. The only bathroom I'm aloud to go in is mine and they made sure my mirror was ripped out so I use my phone to brush my hair and I know I have a mixture of light and dark blue eyes they are really pretty too. My nose is a perfect size that compliments my face. I have perfect blond hair that's slightly curled at the bottom. I think you get the point.


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