Troubled love

Abused, Abandoned, found, in love?
Abby was 17 when her mum and dad died and is being taken care of by her brother what will happen when the brother decides to beat her and blame her for everything?Who will she meet? Will she be saved?... Your just gonna have to read:)


7. The Mall

*Authors Note: hey guys guess what?... It's HARRYS 20th Birthday!!! Ok well I just wanted to thank you all for Reading!!! Means a lot thanks!!! :)

Abby's pov: I woke up to the smell of bacon. My dad used to make me make it for him when I was little when ever he was out at the bar the night before. I LOVE bacon!!!

I just got out of the shower and put a pink tank top on and black jean shorts it's the middle of summer so it's pretty hot out.

"Ab come down stairs we made breakfast then we will get changed and take you to the mall so hurry up before it get cold. Liam yells"

Ok I'm coming li-li.

I walk down stairs and sit down with the others.

"Good morning abbs" Niall says

Morning! I say back flashing him a smile.

Ok so we are gonna go to the mall and we called Perrie to come over so you all can talk and go into the "girly" stores without you getting embarrassed with us there. Louis says.

THANKS! I say sarcastically.

You are very welcome girly. I roll my eyes at him and we finish our food.

Ok Perrie should be here any minute we are gonna get our sunglasses and hats.

KK! I say and sit on the couch.

Five minutes later the door bell rings and I answer it and see a really pretty girl standing there with blonde hair with highlights.

Hey girly! She says

Hi! Please... Come in.

Thanks! Your Abby right?

Yea. But you can call me Ab or abbs or just Abby your choice.

Cool thanks. I'll just call you Ab since everyone else calls you that.

That will work and your Perrie. I really like your name it's really pretty.

Thanks love and you and your name are really pretty too. I think we will be great friends your super nice and fun I'm glad we get to spend the day together today.

Thanks and me too. I hope we will be really good friends.

Hey girlies! Vas happening?!?

Really babe? Way to make an entrance. Perrie says.

Haha... IM AWESOME!!! Zayn yells and runs away.

The rest of the boys come down and Niall grabs my hand and we leave. We get into the car and Liam is driving and Louis is in the passenger seat. I'm in the middle of Niall and Harry. Perrie and zany are in the back kissing.

Harry: guys can't you wait till we are back home and do that else where? Some of us want to hear the music instead of your moans!

Zayn: sorry mate we will wait.

All the guys let out a sigh of relief.

We were listening to pandora and I was searching bands. Ohh I love this song! It was Demi Lovato's Neon lights.

I silently sang along and the whole car grew silent and I could feel eyes burning into my head.

YOU CAN SING!?! They all scream.

I wouldn't call it singing more like a dying cat! I say back to them.

Oh ya who told you that love? Perrie asked me.

I look up at all of them and look at my lap. My mum and dad I mumble.

AND YOU BELIEVED THEM? ABBY WHAT YOU HAVE IS A TALENT! Niall and Harry say at the same time. The rest of the car ride was silent.

We finally pulled up and we all got out. We went into forever 21 bought 3 dresses, jeans and shorts, t-shirts. Then we went into H&M and I got some t's and shorts. And the guys got a few shirts and so did Perrie. We then went into a shoe store and since Niall is a frequent costumer we got like ten pairs of converse free. I got purple, blue, black, pink, batman, moustache, and a mint colour. Niall got some white converses and also high tops. Then we went into a body works shop and got a lot of perfumes, soap, and lotions. Then the guys went into the food center and me and Perrie went girly shopping... We finish shopping and go to find the guys. We walk out and see them all at a table turned away from us. We should scare them! Perrie says. We should. Ok what you wanna do? Omg I got an idea! Perrie says excitedly. We are gonna go into the wig and make up store buy brown wigs put heavy make up on and go stalk them and sit with them and scare them but we have to talk different.

That's perfect let's go.

We walk into the store and buy a wig that's brown with blonde highlights. And Perrie gets one that's brown but it's curly at the bottom. We get make up put on us and we walk around to find them. Some guys keep checking us out. We had to change so we bought clearance clothes from H&M and ran to the food area. We see them and walk on the other side of them.

Um excuse me are these seats taken? I ask with an Irish ascent. Umm yea are girl friends are sitting here and we are holding there spots.Zayn says. Oh I'm sorry. Wait there's 12 chairs.

I'm a two timing cheater. Harry says. Umm...ok. I say laughing. Can we sit here for a little bit till are boyfriends figure out where we are? Perrie says in an Irish ascent also. Uh yea sure I guess soo. Zayn says. Thanks ba... I mean thanks. Perrie says. I elbow her in the shoulder. Liam and Harry keep checking us out its quite creepy. If only they knew. I whisper to Perrie and she giggles softly. So what's your names? I say. I'm Liam this is Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn. What about you two lovely girls? Harry says trying to act attractive. Umm... I'm Per and this is Ab. Oh that's cool we know some girls with the exact names as yours well that's what we call them at least. Louis says. Me and Perrie bust out laughing and my heads on the table but Perrie ducked under it. Are you guys ok? Niall asked. Oh yea we are just peachy how about you guys? We say without the Irish. You should have seen there faces they were soo confused but they still didn't figure it out. They got up and so did we they walked a little faster and we grabbed Niall and Zayn's hands. Ok girls you really need to leave we have to find our friends and then we are leaving. Stop following us. Harry says yelling. But we have to get home some how. The people who brought us here are trying to leave without us.

Ok well I'm sorry can't really help you there.

Well actually you can. Take us home we are really tired and we wanna watch a movie at home. I say. LEAVE US ALONE NOW! Louis yells at us. Ugh you guys are soo mean! I yell at them. I elbow Perrie and nod at her and we take the wigs off the same time.

REALLY! They all yell.

Haha yea! Got ya! Perrie says. You guys are a real piece of work you know that.louis says. Haha we know. I say laughing and we walk to the car holding hands with Niall and Perrie, Zayn.

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