Troubled love

Abused, Abandoned, found, in love?
Abby was 17 when her mum and dad died and is being taken care of by her brother what will happen when the brother decides to beat her and blame her for everything?Who will she meet? Will she be saved?... Your just gonna have to read:)


2. the loss

----3 years later-----

We where in the car because my brother won yet another game of football so we are celebrating again and my brother makes me go...ALWAYS!

But today we are going out to Nando's but I was only aloud to get one thing but everyone else got a meal and dessert. I just got a meal. My parents don't know this but hey they didn't know I was allergic to peanuts but did that stop them from putting them in my dinner nope I sat there choking because my throat started to swell and my brother had to rush me to the hospital when I got there I was on the verge of dying but anyways I really love to eat food but sometimes it sucks because if my stomach growls after we had just eaten something my dad will beat me. I had bruises on my arms and stomach for weeks I couldn't wear short sleeve shirts till they were gone.

The food came and I have pasta in front of me. I wasn't aloud to eat till everyone else had finished eating and if I wasn't done before they were done eating they would leave without me and when I got home from walking my parents would both slap me. That's only happened twice though. I look behind me and see a group of five guys staring at me. I stare for a bit more because they are staring too. Then I decide to look back to my parents watching them take there time eating. I look back and they are still staring. Then I see uncle Paul sitting with them. Without thinking I get up and run over to him. I've missed him so much!!!!

Niall's pov~

We see this group of people sitting by us and all of us our staring at her because she looks like she's hurt the way she is sitting in her chair not eating while the other three our eating as slow as possible. She turns around and see us all staring at her. She is really pretty too she has perfect blond hair curled slightly at the bottom. And a cute little nose. She turns back around and looks at her parents and her brother and watched them eat then turns back rolling her eyes at her parents. She looks at us then over to Paul and gets up with a big smile on her face. Does she know Paul or something maybe they are family friends or something... Wait Paul said she had a niece that lived here could This be her? No couldn't be.

Uncle Paul!?! Your here!!! She yells and Paul looks over and gets up too. Her parents have gotten up and are yelling Abby get your ass back over here or we will leave you again!!! She looks back and flips them off. Oh god that was awesome this girl is cool. I thought to myself. They got to each other and hugged. I've missed you so much! She says tears forming in her eyes. I've missed you too pumpkin. Guys I would like to introduce you to Abby. Abby this is the band I was telling you I worked for. This is Liam,Louis,Harry,Zayn, and Niall. Hey guys she says giving us a smile. God her smile is perfect.

That's it we are leaving and you are coming with Abby! Her dad yells. Psh ya like I'll go with you why would I? We all know what's going to happen. Don't we?or do you want me to tell everyone because I've had enough of this shit going on and uncle Paul knows exactly what I mean but why he doesn't answer when I call is just mind boggling because he knows I mean I know you have an important job but what's more important a boy bands safety or my safety and not getting hurt and ending up in an orphanage thats probably gonna be worse for me anyways I mean who's gonna adopt this I'm the ugliest thing alive! Bye uncle Paul don't expect to be seeing me if you come over at all because I probably WONT be living there if you know what I mean. She says to Paul full out crying it's making me want to cry because of what she is saying is gonna happen to her and that she thinks about herself. Bye uncle Paul by guys she says and hugs everyone of us but I really didn't wanna let go of her I didn't want to see her hurt. She hugged me and Paul the longest probably because we were the last ones and she didn't want to go with her family.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CAR RIDE~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We were in the car and my parents where yelling at me and so was my brother. Welcome to the dark side we have been expecting you Luke. I said in my head. You little slut are you even listening to us?!? My brother yells at me. Actually no I'm really not listening at all hope you guys don't mind. (My screaming) watch out for that light post your about to drive right into it. I know maybe if we are lucky it will kill you. My parents yell at me. I can't believe you. I jump onto the floor and lay there my brother does the same but on the floor in the front row of seats. There is a big slam on our car then car horn goes of then the air bags blow up. Oh my god they are dead!!!! Luke they died!!! This is all your fault you little bitch. How the hell is this my fault?!? They where the ones who crashed the car on purpose trying to kill me in the process. Ya well I would want to kill you too right now just remember that but you know what I'm not. I have other ideas.

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