Marcel finds love


1. first day

I woke up and got ready I picket out black converses a pair of pink skinny jeans and a paint splatter t shirt I pulled it back with a pony tail holder any way I curled my hair and did my make up and then I went down stairs to see my mum cooking eggs my favorite and I heard the bus and wait did I tell you my name phoebe rose but my mum called me gorgia that's my middle name and I got on the bus and this kid looked at me and wanted me to sit with him I did and he told me his name was marcel he was lisning to one direction and when we got to school he showe me around how did he no I Elena's new any way me and him have every class together anyway he is kind of cute but I had to to locker and I saw him getting beat up by Tyler and I ran over their and then I ran up to him Tyler and punched him right on the neck and he said oh my god y did you do that I said he's my friend and then I punched him again and I got marcel and took him to the girl bathroom he said I can't go in there so we went to the boys and he had a cut on his eyebrow so I cleaned it with water and we were so close I could feel him breathing I want him to kiss me I thought to my self I guess he can read minds he pecked my lips fireworks sparks everything I was so happy and he had paint in his hair so I washed it in the sink and then I took off his face he was so cute then I dryed his hair with the hand dryer and he had cute curly hair and all I could do is stare on how cute he was and he said earth to phoebe I still was starring and he gave me a passion it kiss then I stopped starring and then he said I was beautiful I blushed I. Told him I wasn't he told me I was and then we went to class and I sat next to him he told me I was his only friend j felt so bad the etcher goes we have a new student her name is phoebe rose and I stud up and did the robot and I was being my self omg did I tell you I'm missing three of my fingers anyway everbodywas looking at me weriod and I sat backdown and she asked me to say my favorite music artist I said one direction everybody laghed and I wanted to cry marcel rubbed my back and then lunch I sat at Marcel's table aka with the nerds I didn't care marcel was cute and Tyler came up behind him and dumped speggeti on him he said huh phoebe are you going to hit me with you stupid hand I started to tear up and I said yea I am and punched him about 15 times he was out cold and marcel just starred and I took him to the bathroom and cleaned him up he had food In his hair is I washed it in the sink and I took his glasses off and he was so cute and I had to take his vest off and I dryed his hair and he looked like Harry styles a little bit I was starring again and he said earth to phoebe he kissed me and I just stood their like a dead person he shook me and I said oh hi marcel I blushed I was red as a tomato and we went back to lunch and he got invited to the popular kids table he said no and came back and sat with me and he kissed my cheek

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