Niall was walking to Nandos and decided to take a shortcut down an alleyway when he is attacked by a vampire! Then rescued by a beautiful vampire girl named Elizabeth. What will happen?
(mature because of curse words blood ect.)


1. Rescued

"I'm Huuuungry!" I whined. The boys laughed "You're always hungry Niall!" Liam said. "I'm going to Nandos!" I said jumping up."But it's almost midnight you can't go now." Zayn said. "Yes I can I need Nandos now!" They sighed. I grabbed my green hoodie and put it on walking out the door. My stomach growled. I need a shortcut I thought AH HA! An alleyway! perfect! When I got there I had a feeling that I was being watched I turned around and didn't see anyone so I just brushed it off. When I was about halfway into the alleyway I was pushed up hard against a wall."Ow!" I said. The person who pushed me was holding my shoulders in place so I couldn't move. "Make this easy and don't move or scream." he said his eyes turning red and fangs popping out of his mouth. "You.. You're a.... v-v-vampire!" I said terrified he just laughed. He tilted my head and sniffed my neck. "mmm you smell good." he said. I felt a sharp pain as he sank his fangs into my neck I screamed in pain tears about to spill. I could feel the life being drained out of me as I sank down to the ground. I tried to move to push him off but he still had ahold of my shoulders. I could tell that I was about to pass out when I heard someone say "Sup Blake." He lifted his head from my neck and smiled. "I'm a little busy Liz." he said I turned my head as much as I could toward the voice my neck hurt so bad. I saw who was talking it was a girl who looked about my age 18 or so with beautiful wavy brown hair and brown eyes. "Who do you have this time?" She asked. He looked at me then back at Liz "I don't ask their names. I just drink." He said "Is he still consious?" She asked he nodded "Well ask him his name silly!" "Ugh fine." He looked at me "What's your name?" "Niall" I said in barely a whisper. She walked over to me and turned my face toward her "Oh god." she whispered."What?" Blake said. "Blake you idiot!" she slapped him. "owwww what did I do?!" he said holding his face. "It's freaking Niall Horan you bastard!" She slapped him again on the other cheek."Ow!" he said holding the other cheek "Who?" "ugh Blake seriously!" She said "He's from one direction! He's famous!" "You mean from that band you love?"  He said eyes  growing wider and turning to green. "Yes!" She said angrily. "Oh god I'm so sorry Liz!" He said standing up "I'll just go then." He disappeared in a flash. She turned back to me her eyes softening. "Are you ok?" She asked. "Not really." I said quietly. She picked me up bridal style. "You might want to close your eyes." She said I closed my eyes. I felt air blow by me and a couple seconds later she stopped. "you can open your eyes now." She said soothingly I opened them and saw a small white two story house. She walked inside and set me down in a room. "You can stay here until you feel better." She said with a small smile I tried to return her smile but I winced in pain instead. "Here this will help" she said biting her wrist and holding it up to my mouth. "What?" I croaked out. she giggled. "Vampire blood has special healing powers." She stuck her wrist in my mouth and I started drinking it. It tasted surprisingly sweet "Ok you can stop now." I pulled away. She took her sleve and wiped my mouth. I was starting to feel better and it didn't hurt as bad. She got up and went to a room attached to the one I was in she came back with a wet washcloth. "This might hurt a bit." she said cleaning my wound. I winced then she pulled away. I sat up. "careful." She said looking at me worried."You need to sleep now." she said in a soothing voice. "ok." I said laying my head on the pillow.

8 hours later 7 A.M.

I awoke to the smell of bacon. "mmmmmm bacon." I said to myself. I followed the smell until I reached a kitchen. "Morning sleepy head!" Liz said. "morning." I replied sitting down on a bar stool. She put a big plate of bacon, eggs, and toast with a glass of orange juice in front of me. "Mmmm delicious." I said as I ate the last bit of my breakfast . She smiled. wait I need to get home I thought the lads will be worried sick about me! "I need to get home." I said. "You can't" she said  "what?" "you know we are vampires you have to stay here or I have to go with you to your house." "I'll take the second option. I don't want the lads worrying about me." "alright let me go pack." She left and came back a couple minutes later with a duffle bag. "Ok let's go" she said we walked out the door. "Where do you live?" I told her the address and she picked me up bridal style again. "close your eyes." I did and then she took off. It took exactly 5 seconds until she put me down on the front porch."follow my lead." she whispered then knocked on the door. 4 worried buys answered. "Niall!" they screamed hugging me. "ow your squishing me!" I said. they stopped squeezing me. "Where were you?" Harry asked. "Who's that?!" Louis said staring at liz. "Uh that's Liz."  I said. "Niall was attacked by an animal in an alley," she said "He lost quite alot of blood so I took him to my place and cleaned him up." I nodded then winced at the pain that still lingered in my neck. "She is a directioner so I decided that she could stay here for a while as a thank you for saving me." I said. The boys nodded and let us inside. You did great! Liz's voice said in my mind I looked at her and she smiled. I can talk to you like this because you drank some of my blood. Oh I thought back cool. we walked up the stairs into my room. "You can sleep on the bed I'll take the couch." I said being polite. "Oh I don't have to sleep unless I want to." She said smiling at me. "So are you going to pull an Edward Cullen and watch me while I sleep or something?" She laughed "of course not silly! I'll probably just go hunting." "Uh humans or....?" "I don't usually feast on humans, usually animals but I have to have human blood every now and then." I nodded. "I can't leave until you fall asleep though." I nodded again. She is so beautiful I think I have a crush on her. "Hey is your real name Liz or is something else?" "It's Elizabeth, Elizabeth James." "Well nice to meet you Elizabeth James. The names Horan, Niall Horan." She laughed at my james bond quote. "goodnight" she said sitting on the couch."Awwww," I wined "I wanted to talk a little bit because I'm not tired at all." "fine." I sat on the couch next to her. "So do vampires have any special powers?" I asked. "Yea but all vampires have super strength, super hearing, super speed, and seeing in the dark." "Ok prove it." She got off the couch and lifted it up with me on it. "Awesome!" she set me and the couch down. "Ok so that was super strength now for super hearing." she said. "Louis just said 'I bet they are snogging in there!' and Harry said 'He's lucky she's hot' and Zayn said 'yea she is!'". She giggled "Um show me your super speed next." I said. "kk" She was gone She came back 30 seconds later with mickey mouse ears and a mickey mouse balloon."You did not just go to Disney world without me!" I said. she laughed again I love her laugh "now seeing in the dark." she said. I turned off the lights and held up 3 fingers "how many fingers am I holding up?" "3" I held up 7 "now?" "7" "dang you're good." she laughed. "what's your special power?" I asked. "oh you'll see, it's my favorite power." she said grinning widely. Uh oh i thought to myself. "Niall look at me." she said in a smooth voice. I couldn't resist I looked at her she was still grinning widely. "Take your shirt off Niall." I did "Now go downstairs in front of the boys and scream I'm a sexy Leprechaun!" I didn't want to but my body forced me to. So I walked downstairs into the living room to find the boys watching the telly. Liz was right behind me I could feel her smirking at me. I walked in front of the telly earning some glares from the lads. "Niall move!" louis said annoyed. "I'M A SEXY LEPRECHAUN!" I screamed then I ran up the stairs back into my room. Liz was already in there and smirking at me. "I can control whoever I want and make them do whatever I want." She said. "Great." I said sarcastically. "Niall I'm hungry, you need to go to bed." "I don't wanna." "Niall," she said in her soothing tone again "lay down under the covers and go to sleep." I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


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