Niall was walking to Nandos and decided to take a shortcut down an alleyway when he is attacked by a vampire! Then rescued by a beautiful vampire girl named Elizabeth. What will happen?
(mature because of curse words blood ect.)


2. Prank

"Ugh." I groaned and sat up. "Morning!" Someone yelled. "AHHH!" I fell off the bed onto my bum. Liz was laughing her head off. "I forgot you were here." I mumbled rubbing my bum and standing up."I need to change." I told Liz. I grabbed some clothes and went to change in the bathroom. I came out dressed in a red polo, tan chinos, and my white hightops.

I looked around the room but I couldn't find Liz. Maybe she just went downstairs or something. I walked to my door and opened it, but just as I was about to walk out someone picked me up bridal style. I looked at the person only to find Liz smirking back at me. I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arms around her neck. In a flash we were downstairs in the kitchen. She set me down and helped herself to a cinnimon roll sitting on the counter. "What if the boys saw you do that Liz?" I said grabbing a cinnimon roll as well. "Oh they left to go grocery shopping, I let you sleep in." she smiled that amazing smile of hers. no bad Niall. I can't really be falling for her, can I? 

We were watching Spongebob on the couch, when I thought of something. "Hey Liz, how did you become a vampire?" I asked. She looked over at me, not expecting the question. 

Elizabeth P.O.V. 

We were watching Spongebob on the couch and I kept sneaking glances at Niall. He was really attractive. His beautiful blue eyes and his bleached blonde hair and.. Stop it! Elizabeth, you can't fall for him! He's a human! I breathed deeply, oh no that was a mistake. His intoxicating scent filled my nose. I have been trying really really hard to not drain him dry ever since I found him. I have never wanted a human's blood this much before. Wait is he my mate? Nah I'm sure that's not it.

"Hey Liz, how did you become a vampire?" I looked at Niall, not expecting his question. "Uh well it happened like this:


March 21, 1803

London England

I was running to the neighbor's house, because Mr. Edwards (my neighbor) was a doctor and my brother was sick with the measles and needed treatment. I was walking now, my heart beating fast from running. I passed by the abandoned house and shivered, that place gave me the creeps. Suddenly I was tackled from behind, falling to the ground. I was turned around so I was facing an attractive boy. He had blonde hair and brown eyes, but his brown eyes turned a blood red color. I screamed and he covered my mouth with his hand. "I'm starving, but I don't think I can kill a human as beautiful as you." he said tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I cringed as he kissed my neck. He found a spot and gave it a long kiss before biting down harshly. I screamed but it came out muffled. I was close to passing out when I felt something being put into my blood system. It had been vampire venom. He lifted his head and muttered a sorry before snapping my neck and I was consumed by darkness.

End flashback

I woke up there about 3 days later and I was a vampire." I said looking down.

"So you're like 200 years old?" Niall asked. I looked up and giggled "201 to be exact." we went back to watching Spongebob. "Can you turn me into a vampire?" Niall asked. I looked up at him, shocked that he would even ask that question. "Niall, you can't just throw your life away like that!" I said looking into those big blue eyes. "But I want to be a vampire!" he said crossing his arms. "I would only turn you if you were dying or if I couldn't control myself around you." I said sternly. "Fine." he said, turning back to the TV. "I'm gonna go get something to eat." Niall muttered standing up and walking into the kitchen. About five minutes later I heard a sound like glass shattering and Niall yelling "F*ck!" I ran in using my vamp speed. "What happened?" I asked worried. "I got a glass of water and dropped it, I tried picking it up but I cut my finger." Niall said clutching his finger. I smelt his blood it smelled so good. I felt my eyes turning red and my fangs growing in size. I haven't had human blood in over a week. I am so stupid sometimes. "You can drink from me if you want." Niall said, still sitting on the floor. I couldn't resist any longer, especially since he was offering his blood. I took a hold of him and pushed him against the wall. I kissed him, first he didn't respond but soon our lips were moving in sync. I pulled back and grabbed his hand. I licked all of the blood off of his finger. His blood was by far the best I have ever tasted. I dropped his hand and gently tilted his head, to gain more access to his neck. I bit down and Niall yelped. I moaned at the taste of his blood in my mouth. I pulled away after a few moments and licked the bite, soothing it. Niall's knees gave out and he lent on me for support. I carried him bridal style to the couch and gently laid him down. "I'm gonna go and get you some water." I said, placing a blanket over him. In 3 seconds I gave him a glass of water and he gulped it down eagerly.I cleaned up the glass on the floor then sat on the couch. The door opened and the boys walked in carrying bags full of groceries. "Hi!" Louis said smiling. "Hey." I said back. We watched a horror movie and I could tell that all of the boys were at least a little bit scared. The killer came in with a chainsaw and started chasing the girl. I grinned, I had an idea. "I have to go to the bathroom." I said. They just nodded and kept their eyes glued to the screen. I used my vamp speed to go to my house and grab my big bottle of fake blood (What? I use it during Halloween!). I sped back and poured some on the floor in the bathroom. I sped to the kitchen and grabbed a big knife. I sped back and dipped the knife in fake blood. I laid it down in the puddle of fake blood and poured some blood onto my hand and smeared it on my face, neck, arms, and torso. I made it look extremely real. I turned off the bathroom light and laid down in the blood. My heart doesn't beat and I don't have to breathe or blink because I'm not human so this will be very realistic. I sent a mind message to Niall 'Play along, okay? I'm going to scare the boys.' 'okay.' he replied. I screamed at the top of my lungs and kept my eyes open. The boys all came running into the bathroom and they all screamed. "Oh my god!" Harry said looking terrified. "T-this is probably just a prank." Liam said. "Is she breathing?" Louis asked. Liam got down on his knees and put his ear near my mouth "She's not breathing." Liam said scared "She could be holding her breath, check her heartbeat." Zayn said. Liam felt my pulse "No pulse either." he said sadly. They all started to tear up. "We have to call the police." Liam said, pulling out his phone. I started to laugh. They all screamed and Niall laughed too. "Y-you were d-dead!" Liam said wide eyed. "No, it was a prank!" I said in between laughing. "Then how d-did you get your heart to stop beating?" Liam asked crossing his arms. Sh*t I didn't think this through. "uh you probably just couldn't find it." I said trying to stay calm. "I checked all the possible places and you didn't have a heartbeat." Liam said. Great now I have to tell them.

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