1. Why me??

The feeling you get when you not good enough, or more like when YOU think your not good enough.

I felt this all my life, and still I don't know why, why I off all people get pickt to get bullied every day, why I hade to cry every day because I felt like that the only way for me to exspress my feeling, why I have to hurt my self to feel somthing different then the pain I feel every freaking day, and why I of all people have to feel like the only way to end it is by ENDING my life!

I know that I'm not the only one and I know that some people have it so so much harder then me, but in the end that dosen't help me much because that only add up more guilt.

The reason why I write this is not to make you feel more depressed or mad or something like that, I am writing this to help!

So the real quoestion her is why the pain?

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