Dark forces,you better hold onto your hats(Harry Potter's kids fanfic)

Hi I'm Annabel-rose,and my life is plain CRAP.
Living with parents like mine is pretty tough especially when one wouldn't hurt a fly(mom)and then the other wants to kill you every second of the day(dad).To make matters worse I will be attending Hogwarts this year(not that,that is a bad thing)with my crush.But when I move into Draco's house all sorts of bad things happening like:My gran's spirit coming to haunt me,the story's that I write getting spoken by the sorting hat.Me and my new friends are on the case with a little help from a dead headmaster and the minister for magic of course.Dark forces you better hold on tight because your in for a bumpy ride.



My new room is lush.It is black and red,two walls black two walls red.But my favourite bit of the whole room,well there are two but still,one is my walk in wardrobe the size of the great hall(there was a moving picture of it my new room) and the other was a wall clock with the words

"The lion hell in love with the lamb,"

As you can probably tell I am a huge twihard. Scorpius's room is just along the corridor,I saw it when he and Astoria gave me a tour of the house.It is two things one I expected and one I certainly didn't.The one I expected was that the room is humongous and the one I didn't expect was that his room has griffindor written all over it literally.I don't know what I expected really but I can tell you his room is far from it.

"Rose dear, Harry and his family are here" Astoria called up the winding staircase.I know what your thinking a potter and a Malfoy but after the war they became good friends we have them over for tea nown and again.

"Hi rose we gotta go downstairs"that was Scorpius time for some fun.


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