Dark forces,you better hold onto your hats(Harry Potter's kids fanfic)

Hi I'm Annabel-rose,and my life is plain CRAP.
Living with parents like mine is pretty tough especially when one wouldn't hurt a fly(mom)and then the other wants to kill you every second of the day(dad).To make matters worse I will be attending Hogwarts this year(not that,that is a bad thing)with my crush.But when I move into Draco's house all sorts of bad things happening like:My gran's spirit coming to haunt me,the story's that I write getting spoken by the sorting hat.Me and my new friends are on the case with a little help from a dead headmaster and the minister for magic of course.Dark forces you better hold on tight because your in for a bumpy ride.



"Bye mom"I yelled before legging it into the garden.

"There you are you ungrateful little...."Dad trailed off no knowing what to call me.

"oh come on we are going to be late"dad said in a exasperated tone after not being able to think of a suitable insult for me.


We apperaed into diagon ally and I was gob smacked it was more than awsome I couldn't describe it.


Suddeny I saw him and my heart started beating a thousand and one a minute.it was him the boy I had wanted to go out with for about THREE bloody years,so not many.

it was..... 

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