Nashville Party

Sam and her 3 best friends, Morgan, Hannah, and Lauren head for a concert in Nashville. It turns out that Lauren and Hannah's boyfriends end up following them all the way there. The girls get lost and stop at a restaurant. they meet to guys, Alex and Derek, and something they never expected to happened, happened.


13. Stay?

Lauren's p.o.v

Just as I said, I woke all the girls at 5:30 sharp. "Okay we are going to  talk first, then will go get the boys." I said. "Okay , so what are we going to talk about exactly?" Sam said, very grumpy about being awake anytime before 7." Okay so we are all happy here, correct?" I asked looking around as they all shook their heads as if to say "duh"."Then I think we should ask Alex and Derek if we can stay here, like forever."I said, studying their faces for a response.Then they all smiled and said all together, "That's what I was thinking!" they said at once and we all stared laughing. "Lets go get the boys!" Morgan said, who was very hyper now.


PS sorry for such a short chapter but i couldnt think of anything else.

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