Nashville Party

Sam and her 3 best friends, Morgan, Hannah, and Lauren head for a concert in Nashville. It turns out that Lauren and Hannah's boyfriends end up following them all the way there. The girls get lost and stop at a restaurant. they meet to guys, Alex and Derek, and something they never expected to happened, happened.


12. Plan

Morgan's p.o.v

Yesterday was the best day of my life! I can't believe i get to be with a guy so amazing and sweet as Derek. Now were back and all getting into bed. I was getting snuggled up to Derek and starting to drift off when I heard someone whisper my name. I looked up at the door to see Hannah, Lauren, and Sam standing at the door. "We need to talk, now!" they whispered as they started walking towards the kitchen. I groaned and crawled out of the bed and slugged into the kitchen. "What do you want?" I said, not even trying to hide my annoyance. "Okay, I need to talk to you about something really important." said Lauren, who looked very serious, which looked kinds scary. " Uh okay.....let's wait till morning to talk about it when the boys are awake." said Hannah, who hated leaving people out of anything. "Fine, but I'm going to get you up early to talk about this and your boys better get up!" she said and she walked off to get into bed with Tyler. We all went back to bed, dreading what the morning talk with Lauren would turn out to be.

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