Kaitlyn was at the Austin Mahone concert the they herd her say some bad things about them.
Who are they?
What did she say?
What happens to her and Austin ?
Read to find out!


3. Who Are You People?????

~Kaitlyn's P.O.V~

So I woke up in a meadow with Austin laying beside me. I saw 5 familiar faces but my vision was blurry and I passed out again. So I keep waking up and blacking out and I figured out they were forcefully knocking me out but with what and who was doing it. I thought I knew who they were but before I could put my finger on it they would knock me out. But one time I woke up to Austin saying " She is beautiful, sweet, kind, caring, and smart. She is everything you guys are not and that is why she will never like you guys." And then they punched him and knocked him out. Then they saw me and knocked me out. But we did not wake up in the same places every time some in the meadow and then some in a van and then I woke up in a bed. I had no idea where I was. What was going on? I just realized that no one was there to knock me out. Then I herd a blood curdling scream..... Austin!!! I have to find him!! I ran down the stairs to see five boys beating and kicking another boy Austin!! "Stop" I yell and run up to them and drop down next to Austin. I got really mad and stood up and meet the boys faces and omg .,........... It is One Direction?!?!?!?

Niall's P.O.V

She was so beautiful. I don't understand why she does not like us? Well, maybe she likes one of us and I hope it is me.

Louis' P.O.V

She was gorgeous. I had to look away every time they would knock her out. But, she was strong, she came to more times than that Austin kid. I have to admit I kind of liked her.  

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