Girl Meets World; Ultimate Racing

Sarah McGowan, a high school bombshell who is self absorbed and demanding discovers more about the world she lives in. It all starts to unfold after her disliked present from one of her guest.

It's my own twisted version of fast and furious.


1. My world.

" Wake up, sleepy head" my mom cried with happiness. " you're 16 today, my baby girl"

urgh my mum, she needs to go out of my room; "mum out please!"

As i opened my eyes slowly whilst stretching my arms as far as I can, quickly realising where is josh? Well last night I sneaked a boy into my room.

" Okay" my mum mumbled under her breath. I followed behind her and leaded her to the door and then shut the door behind her; "Josh where are you" I wispered as loudly as I can.

" Um here" as he came out from my closet. " So where were we" as he kissed me slowly and softly, on my cheeck.

" I dont care but however i certainly can not wait to open your present" I demanded

"Well um, yeah....... about that baby" scratching his head, quicky grabbing his shirt from my bed.

"WHAT!,get out" I kicked him in his balls as I hard as I can.

" What are you? Crazy" Josh cried painfully: "You son of a bitch!"

"Can you please get out of my room" I demanded Josh as he made his way toward the door, I stood in his way; " windows please", And he made his way toward the window. He better. While he was fuguring out his way out i was running out off patience and so I pushed him out of the window.


"SURPRISE" everyone shouted. 

My  mum and dad came running to me;" hey baby me and you dad got you a mind blowing present " 

"Really, carry on" I interestingly asked

"ITS A CAR AND IT'S OUTSIDE FOR YOU!" my mum and dad replied  excitedly

Curiously and happily, I happily run outside to unwrap the mystery car of mine.Finally, I was done as i looked at this car furiously; "MUM and DAD, what the heck is this"

"Um it is the latest sport car with the highest speed possible" my mum muttered under her breath as my dad stroked her back softly.

"Mum do I look like a boy to you huh really, what kind of mum are you! arghh." I cried in anger with veins popping out of my forehead.

"Hey don't you ever speak to your mum like that" my dad screamed.

I got inside the car and drove away, from everyone, the party and my life. the car was really really fast, way too fast in the highway."wow" I surprisingly muttered under my breath with tears in my eyes. Polices were suddenly chasing me, I didn't know what to do but drive away as fast I can, after all my car was way too fast allowing me to get away from the police cars. I cornered in a dark alley way. I got out of the car as I couldn't breathe no more, I was having a panic attack.

" Well hello there, my friend. " a mysterious voice spoke out of nowhere.

"Who is the....... there" I shrieked "hello?"









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