Girl Meets World; Ultimate Racing

Sarah McGowan, a high school bombshell who is self absorbed and demanding discovers more about the world she lives in. It all starts to unfold after her disliked present from one of her guest.

It's my own twisted version of fast and furious.


2. Meet The Gang.

"Hello, anybody there?"

"Well, hello to you too.", a mysterious voice slowly spoke again but this time I see him. Standing on top of a wreck less and abandoned building.

"What do you want" I replied back desperately, taking one step back  with my heart beating really fast." I know you're there!" yelling at this person.

" I just want to compliment you on your escape with the police. It was .."

" what do you want from me" i interrupted screaming as i gulped.

He continued ignoring my last remark; "it was rather .......hmmm... extraordinary, Phenomenal and Miraculous and by the way nice car." He jumped down straight to the ground without a hustle. "You were a total natural out there with that car but certainley may not look it."

I looked down at my puffy dress; "oh yeah, I just came from my sweet 16 party".

He looked at curiously circling me. "How the heck did you come from a sweet 16 then police chasing you and then hiding in the alley way talking to me"

"Um........mmmm........ hell happened trust me.Well you don't need to know." I hesitated .

"Follow me". He said seriously while scanning me from head to toe with his eyes.

"And why would I do that". I snapped

"I see, am dealing with a feisty one here"

"Okay fine". So I followed him to the same wrecked abandoned warehouse he was standing on. It was dark and creepy; " what are we doing here." I strangely asked.

"Just you wait".  I followed him to a big door  which was an elevator as I entered. My palms start sweating as I clenched on my dress nervously . He pushed a side of an elevator with his body.  It was a secret button behind the wall to allow you to enter.The elevotor opened as he welcomed me" welcome to my world".

"I....I...tha.." am obviously lost for words, it was way too diferent then i actually imagined. Another world full of racers with their ultimate cars. The best of the best. I step closer to this world full of cars, very fast cars.

" Ready, Set ,Go!" I saw many people crowding in a certain area. Two cars racing each other really really fast. People cheering on and screaming. I turn around to the guy who took me here and asked him. "Why are you showing me this?"

" I really don't know but I want you to introduce you to my people. Um wait.......Hey everyone this is." he turned to look at me while trying to get everyone's attention; "what's your name?"


He continued; "everyone this is Sarah, the girl who escaped the police." 

I walked over to him and asked him;" what's your name?" He paused for a second staring at me half smiling and replied. "George, the leader, it's my job to take care of this place and everyone."

"Well George, what do you want from me" enhancing each word in a flirtatious way.

However a young blonde lady with short shorts on and a tank top approached me; "back off bitch" snapping at me rapidly, I almost jumped.She basically looked half naked. " what do you want from my man" she snarled. Then pushed me aggressively to the ground. The crowd seem to be amused and entertained and hell no was I going to let her get away with it. So I pushed her back, two times as hard and also punched her on her nose. She got up wiping blood from her nose with the back of her hand and attempted a punch towards me but I dunked down and missed it. The crowd grow more intense and so did this situation. George shouted " STOP!" But there was no stopping us, we were already pulling each others hair and dragging on another across the bare floor until George separated us.

" stop both of you. Now!" He screamed on top of his lungs. The crowd went quite went quite and so did I and her. He continued; " as I was saying, Sarah would you like to join our team?" He said in a superior way as everyone turned to look at me. I don't about this but I have nothing more to lose.

" Sure, one condition" I smirked carefully looking at my surroundings.

"What?" George asked clueless.

I stepped toward him and spoke my powerful word " freedom" as I emphasised the word slightly smiling. I looked at each and everyone in this garage quickly and continued" I get a saying and involved in this with you guys, what ever this is about."

"Deal". George confidently accepted my request and stepped forward to shake my hands. I looked at his hand and then looked at him while thinking is this right? What am I doing.

"Okay deal ". So I shake his hand as a sign of a new beginning. My life.

I walked around the place to see more for myself. It was a cool hangout place but way out if my comfort zone. Definitely. It was dirty and rusty with lots of space, a bit of furniture and great unusual technologies. However I must admit this is startling me. I tho it to my self, why not give this a try. Is not like I am joining the worlds most wanted criminals? Right.







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