Dead Power

Jade Knowles has been dead for some time. Heaven is almost boring to her, so when Tygar, a newly dead, arrives at the Pearly Gates, he introduces her to a world where the dead are alive...


2. Up Outing

I open my shiny silver eyes, and gaze blankly around the room that I lie in. It's not too different from a Living house; a Dead house is pretty much the same, with a couple of Dead tweaks here and there.

I float up from my spot on the large king-sized bed -did I mention that you can fly and walk?- and find my way to the large white wardrobe. It's decorated with old family photos and small whirlpools filled with long lost happy memories, and whenever I feel like remembering my past life I just tap it with my forefinger.

I open up the wardrobe using the glass handles, and once the doors hang wide, I hop inside and find myself gazing around in wonder at every item of clothing there is in heaven. Instead of paying money towards anything, we use our minds. In Heaven, our minds are key. That's why they erase our memories. So that are minds are free and full of space. Nothing but an empty sheet of never ending paper.

I decide to chose my light white summer dress. Yes, everything in Heaven is white. Apart from the colour of our skin. Our eyes are a mutual silver. Our hair is a crisp clean snowy wonder. Our nails are painted white and will always stay that way.

Just as I snap my fingers to change, I hear the door to my Dead house slam shut. Someone is standing behind me.

I spin, my fresh summer dress twirling in my path. I stop, and smile as I realize who is standing there. It's Patience, one of the three un-told daughters of God himself. Patience is a messenger, and can fly between worlds. She has the gift to whisper to the Living, to help them in situations they wouldn't usually be patient in. She can fly deep to the depths of Hell, and scold any Sinner.

"God requests to speak with you, Jade Knowles. It is important."

Her voice is smooth and silky. I envy her, but I keep that back. She can sense bad vibes, too, just as any of the three daughters, Patience, Hope and Charity.

"Sure. Please, guide me to him" I reply, hoping that it is something new and exciting. Heaven is one big dream boat, but sometimes, I wish for something new. Something that could be just a little more... thrilling.

Patience nods, and floats out to the balcony. Then she takes my hand, and we shoot through the white sky up into Blue-above-Heaven. It's the place where God rests, and watches upon Heaven and the Living.

We arrive, and once we do, it's a whole new adventure.



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