The Rainbows

We are the Rainbows.
And this is the story of our life.


1. Chapter One- Summer

Ever heard of James Rainbow? He's my dad. And yes, he was the one to lead our family into the music industry. Even our dog. But unlike my younger brother, River, I'm not exactly loving being famous. The paparazzi follow us everywhere, like sheep. I can barely go out shopping without being spotted. So I have to go into in disguise, which is a waste of time. I guess I can't complain. It's all I've known. Even when I was a baby, we had photo shoots in our house all the time, and eventually it was just accepted as a normal thing, you know? And it's all because of my dad.

He's loved music all his life, and made his first hit record 'Blue Sky' when he was only eighteen. It was in the charts for weeks. He then met my mum, blah, blah, blah, you know how it is. So anyway, they fell in love and got married. By this time, dad's music was widely known and loved around the world. And he still loves being famous today. Or so it seems. He's such a skilled actor, that you can never tell.

You're probably thinking, 'Okay now, where is this going...?'. And I don't blame you. I'm not very good at writing. Or English for that matter. Always at school the teacher would look at my page of writing, which was a so-called 'essay' and moan:

"Oh Summer, can't you do better?"

Oh well. I'm out of that place now. Well, I actually don't attend school anymore. My mum, Daisy, pulled me out at the end of Year Nine, just before my GCSE's. She said:

"Dad's making so much money now, sweetie, you don't need to get and education or a job! You don't need the money!"

I was thrilled at the time, but now, I regret it. An education is the most priceless thing in the world, I once heard someone say. And I agree. It can take you further than money ever can. Anyway, I'm writing this journal because dad wants a biography of our family, but doesn't want some guy to write it for us. Funny, eh? Which is a big shame because I can't write for toffee. Unlike my brother, River.

River is twelve, three years younger than me, as a result of which, he's terribly annoying. He's the best pianist I know, and so good at academic subjects, such as maths and English. Also, he just looves being famous, like dad. I don't see how, really? You never get a moments peace. Every second of every day, they are there, snapping with their cameras and asking questions. That's why my bedroom has no windows. It's sad, really. We live right by the sea, and I would love to see the waves crashing onto the rocks. They'd be amazing to paint.

That's the thing I miss most about school. Art lessons. Art's the only subject I'm good at. The teacher was so nice as well, and favoured me over most of her students. Oh well. School's history now.

So now that you've heard my random babble about life, you can carry on on read this book and actually understand what's going on, unless you're reading one of my chapters. Oh yes- I have to write multiple chapters. Hooray. 


We are the Rainbows.

And this is our story.

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