Paid love

My name is Georgia and I live in London with my cousin Calli. We work at Starbucks and one I meet someone who changes my life forever


8. 8

  Georgia's P.O.V


            "Where are we going" I ask while skipping down to the car.

           "After what happened yesterday management wanted to do something more secluded so they rent out a carnival" he replied non-chalantly.

          " A WHOLE carnival'' I say wide eyed. Heck I even shared my birthday let alone a whole carnival. "Isn't that a bit extreme." I add while I fasten my seatbelt.

          "If you think it is,  to be honest I thought that was normal for couples." He was crazy I mean WACKO. He cuts my thought with " Tell me what do your people do on dates." By that statement I had it.

          "What  do you mean "my people" huh who do you think you are, the king, God "my people" are hard workers that don't get the credit they need." I sit staring out the window. By that time we had arrived at the carnival. It was beautiful black and white flags everywhere. Also there were penguin themed rides. It was just a wonderland.

       "Look I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that, actually I wanted to ask you something", He broke the silence with. Well I don't like to hold grudges but im good at it.

       "I forgive you, so what's your question"

       "Um so since we're going to be fake dating for a while I was wondering if we could maybe make it real" He blurts out while rubbing his neck.

       "Sure we could try I mean I never really had a boyfriend" I blush a bright red embarrassed.

       "How could a beautiful girl like you live 21 years and not have a boyfriend. he says sweetly while grabbing my hand lightly.

       " Your so sweet" I whisper thinking he didn't hear me but I was wrong.

       " Well I am not going to be harsh with someone so fragile."

      " Well lets go have fun" I say starting to run still holding Louis's big warm sweaty hand but suddenly I feel a jerk on my arm. "WHAT!"

      " So does that mean we are an actual couple" Louis looks at me with his pleading.

      "I would love to"  I say with a huge smile. Suddenly Louis picks me up and turns me around.

      " Well Lets go have  fun" Louis Yells while dragging me too a ride.

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