Paid love

My name is Georgia and I live in London with my cousin Calli. We work at Starbucks and one I meet someone who changes my life forever


5. 5

     Georgia's P.O.V


         "Food" I hear in my ear.

         " Where" I shot up right away. 

         "No where diphthong that guy your "dating" he's down stair waiting for you" my cousin tells me

         " WHAT!" I check my phone and see a park date text from Paul.

         "SHIT" I yell not that loud. I slept till the next day.

         "Tell him 10 minutes" I tell Arooj while running into the bathroom. I do my hygiene. I brush my hair which is really knotty since I didn't brush it the night before. I slip on my sports bra and panties. I put on some black skinny jeans from true religion. I put on my red Cocoa cola sweatshirt from The Wet Seal. I slipped that on over my like a boss t-shirt. I put on my black little sister bracelet. I grabbed my neon socks under my red Keds. I run downstairs to see Louis sitting on the couch

         "I am so sorry. I really am" I plead worried he's gonna hate me.

         "It's fine let's just go" he says with a small smile. I just nod and return the smile.

         "Bye Kooj Kooj" I yell while I close the door. He opens the car for me.

         "Thank you kind sir/man/knight" saying the last part confused. He just chuckles and walks to the drivers seat. He starts driving the park. He just turns on the radio to cover the silence.  One of my favorite song Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood came on.

         "I hate the beach but is stay in California with my toes in the sand" I sing along.

          "Your a great single" Louis complements. I just blush. I always hated my voice. We arrive at the park and walk around. 

          "So tell me about yourself" Louis asks me while looking down while we are h and in hand.I come about to his neck. Some people say I'm pretty tall but I don't know. 

        "My favorite band is Bastille. I love the color purple. My favorite song is cool kids by Echosmith. Oreos are the most delectable food in the world. And last but not least I'm team penguins " when I finish we start getting mobbed by fans. Louis holds my hands so I don't get lost. He start taking pictures and signing autographs. I am seriously claustrophobic and I was being closed in by the fans and suddenly everything went black.

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