Finding the Black Sheep

Mr. George is a renowned retired cop from New York. As all he likes is solving crime and murders, he opens a private detective agency. Will he have a good start?


2. The Trail for the Black Sheep

The lady took leave, giving the necessary information asked by George.

“Sir, why did a woman from a royal family come to us, that too after a two million diamond theft?”

“We will get those answers from this address, where the diamond was stolen.”

George and Alex go to the address told by the woman. It was a small house, not as expected by George. Alex rang the bell. Clara opened the door and greeted them.

“Thank you sir for coming.”

“No problem Mam. That’s my work.”

George and Alex enter their house. The maid gave them tea and welcomed them. George requests to see the place from where the diamond was stolen. Clara takes them to the room, and then to a safe. She opens the safe. Alex quickly opens the kit, and examines the lock.

“The lock is alright sir. No one has broken it.”

“So someone has opened the safe with the keys.”

Clara quickly says the maid to come tomorrow. The maid takes leave.

“Mrs. Clara, do you doubt somebody, who may have stolen the diamond?”

“Yes sir, my maid. She had many quarrels with me to increase her salary. May be to have money, she stole the diamond.”

“Okay then, we should have a visit with her then. Okay Mam, when was the diamond stolen?”

“Yesterday’s night”

“Okay Mam, Thanks.”

George and Alex leave their house.

“Sir, this woman, Clara, said that she was from a royal family, but own this house, which seems old and small.”

“Yes. This is a point to be noted. We must find the black sheep.”

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