This story is about a girl who gets trapped into a marriage but soon escapes into a new brand new life.


1. The start

"Babe, where is Diana?" I yell looking for my two year old.

"With me" says Alex,  who is my husband. Alex and I have been married for little over a year now.I truly feel I am in love, especially since we have had Diana and him and iI are married.As I take Diana from my husbands arms I mention  I have to take her to day-care. We exchange our "I love yous" and good-bye kisses I realize we are running late! I quickly get Diana into my nissan altima. I drop Diana off into day-care and make my way over to my job.Incase you were wondering I am currently 19 years old I work at a music producers office.  I know having a child at 17 wasn't very good but hey it is what it is. As I snap back into reality I am pulling into my offices parking lot. As I walk in I am greeted by my co-workers with friendly "hellos." As I walk into my bosses offices he states

"I have big news,  that famous boy-band One Direction is coming in today!"  I think silently in my head wow im finally going to get to meet them! They have helped me through my issues with Alex. I pull out and text my best friend Alli. Her name is Alexandria but I call her that cause it's less of a mouth full. (A-Alli M-me)

M- Omg guess who get to meet!

A- Who

M- One Direction!!!

Alli freaks out via text message

 *1 hour later*

"Olivia One Direction is here will you please go get them?" My boss asks politely and I reply with a sassy

"Of course." As I walk down the hall I spot the five heart throbs and I feel a million butterflies in my stomach all at once. I continue walking towards them once I reach them as I ask

"Will you please follow me this way?" They all nod. I could feel Niall eyeing me. But I ignore it. Once we are back in the office my boss says

"There has been emergency with my family and you have to occupy them." I nodd and and I talk with the boys.

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