In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.



I push the door open as hard as I can. "Emma!" I scream through the house and I'm soon greeted by her. "Really?" I ask her. "What?" She asks back. "Telling me I have no mom! I never thought a person could be that low. I mean I went ages thinking I was unwanted and then my mom, who you said was dead, is at my partners house. Your a fucking bitch you know that!" I shout at her. "Liv, I don't know who that is at your friends house but it's not your mom. She died. She's not coming back." Emma says. I lose it. I punch her right across the face. "SHE IS ALIVE AND AT THAT HOUSE RIGHT NOW. WHY DID YOU LIE?!" I scream even louder. "Because, because she told me to." Emma voice goes shaky. I shake my head. "She's my mom she wouldn't do that." I tell her hurt. "Well your mom's a bitch." Emma says and I slap her again. Kyle holds me back after. Great timing. Sarcasm. "SHE'S NOT A BITCH!" I shout and cry at the same time. "Why did she leave you then? Why did she disappear out your life?" Emma shouts back as Kyle pulls me away and out the house. Kyle slams the front door behind him and we are out in the streets. "Emma has a point you know." Kyle tells me. "No she's doesn't. Fuck you, and fuck her too." I say and storm off. I don't need them. I run to Louis's house and brage in. "Olivia?" A tall, brunette woman asks. "Um, T!" I say correcting her. "I get called T." I say. "I thought your name was Liv?" Louis asks. "There's a lot you don't know about me." I tell him. "So your my mom?" I say to the lady. She nods. "Why did you leave me?" I ask. "Fake a death?" I continue. "Baby, it was what was best fr you." She says. I look at her confused. "Best for me?" I ask and she nods. "No, no, no. What's best for me is to have a loving family that cares for me. Not be in a foster home? You think I wanted all this, the lies? You think I wanted to think my own mother was dead or to have to constantly chose between feelings between two guys I would of never met if I had just stayed with you? My life would of been some much better if you just kept me. You weren't doing what was best for me so don't lie to your self!" I say quite fast. "I'm getting changed, going to a club going to get completely drunk and go home with some stranger. This is not what I wanted to do with my life. Sorry Louis, sorry boys, sorry 'mom' but it's not. So thank you very much for everything but I'm leaving and don't stop me!" I say and head to my room. 

I change then leave me room and head for the door. "Babe, what's going on, we are all confused." Louis says holding my wrists. "I'm leaving like I said just forever. Oh and blame my dearest mother." I say and leave. "WAIT!" Niall shouts. I stop. I can't move. "Liv, Don't go. You can't leave me...I-I mean us. You can't leave us. Where are you going to to live I doubt you want to live in the orphanage or with your mum. This is your home." Niall says holding my hands as he stands opposite me."Please don't go!" Harry runs to my side. "We need you here. I can't imagine a life without you." He says. I shake my head as my eyes water. "Good bye Styles." I whisper, kiss his cheek then leave. I get in my car and drive it to the club, i'll pick it up in the morning. I go straight to the bouncer skipping the que. "Hi, um i'm on a date and I'm like an hour late. I really can't miss this date. I have been crushing him since high school. I can't waiting in the que and miss him. Please could you just let me in now." I plead. "Go get your guy." He smiles and opens the door for me when others protest. I giggle and walk in. "Heyyyy!" I say to the bartender. "Someone's happy!" She laughs. I nod. "I need to get wasted so if you could like give me the strongest thing you have then-" "Your Liv Tomlinson." She cuts me off. "Yeah I know but I really need that dri-" "Where's Louis?" She asks. "No here, can you just please-" "Your still together right." She asks. I huff. "NO, just please-" "Why not?" She looks horrified. "Because we aren't just please get me that dri-" "I'm so sorry your not together." She says. I roll my eyes and go to the opposite bar. "Strongest drink now please!" I say and I get handed like 5 shots. I don't look up just hand over the money and slid one to the bartender. "Do the last one with me!" I say and take my 3 shots and it burns my throat. "Ready?" I ask and pour the drink down my throat. "Thanks." I smile and look up. It's a guy and he's shaking his head at me. "What?" I ask with all my sass. "Your beautiful." He says. "Shame your working." I wink. "I wont be in 10 minutes." He winks back. "I'll be waiting." I smile and walk to the dance floor. I dance with this fuck ugly guy for a few songs but I don't care. I get ppulled away. "What the fuck do you think yo- Oh it's you." I smile. If your wondering what he looks like then here you go..

Lush right. "Here, I made you a drink." He says and hands me it. I down it then we start to dance together. After a few songs he whispers in my ear. "Let's get out of her." I nod and he leads me to a car. "But we've been drinking." I say. "You've been drinking." He corrects. "I have only had that one shot." He tells me. Oh yeah. We drive to his house and barely make it through the door without ripping each other clothes off. I black out. 


I flicker my eyes open and yawn. "Good after noon sleepy head." I hear a voice. I jump up and see I'm lying on a couch with the bartender from last night. I don't remember coming here? "Last night was amazing." He tells me. I can't even remember it. I just nod and smile. "What time is it?" I ask him. "Noon." He tells me. "SHit, I got to go and get my car and get to Louis's house and- can you drive me to the club please?" I asks because I have no fucking clue where I am. "Your coming back right?" He asks. "Sure..." I roll the r. "But I need to get clothes and stuff, my car is juts at the club though so if you would just drive me there that would be great." I smile and he nods. We leave, get to the club say good bye. I get in my car then drive to Louis's this should be fun. 

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