In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.



I looked out the window as Skinny Love played in the car. Louis pulled up at some stupid hall? It was old and broken down? Why are we here? Louis got me out the car only then I saw how smartly dressed he was. 

He held my hand and took me inside. There were people dancing and laughing and drinking and eating and just having fun. It's a party? But what for? Louis leads me to a mid twenty year old man with brown hair. "Louis, hi. I see you have brought your girlfriend." He smiles . Louis looks at me. I shake my head and look at him like he should know I'm NOT his girlfriend. "I'm his sister." I say and shake his hand. "I'm Antonio." The man smiles. "Liv." I greet him back. "You no look like Louis." He tells me. "I'm, um, I'm adopted." I tell him. "You and Louis have a thing going on?" He asks squinting hi eyes a little. "No no no, of course not." We both say at the same time and look at each other. "Louis is a lucky man." He says and hits Lou's back in a friendly manner. I giggle at his comment through awkwardness. "Let's get down to business, I hear you can sing and dance no?" Antonio asks. "Well, I suppose I can dance. But I can't sing." I answer him. "Louis says your quite the hit in the shower." He winks and me and and Louis smiles at the floor. "Yeah she's really good." He says and I pull him away. "We'll be one minute." I tell Antonio before disappearing. "What the fuck Lou. What are you playing at!" I semi-shout. "You have a talent. And you need a job." He tells me. I hit his arm and leave for the car. I stand in the parking lot in the pouring rain then realize I don't have the keys. Louis rushes out. "Where are you going?" He asks me. I put my hand out and Louis gives me the keys. "Away from you!" I shout. I walk to him and hand him my ring. "Good brother? Yeah, fuck that. A good brother would of realized my independence and how I can support myself and find my own job!" I shout and climb in the car. I start the car and turn round. "How am I going to get home." Louis shouts through the window and shrug and put up my middle finger to him and drive home. I park the car and hike up my dress to run inside. Niall, Harry, Jake and Toby are waiting inside. Crying I run to my room and lock the door so no one can get to me. They band on the door for a while but see it's useless and stop. "Babe, please open the door." I hear Niall's comforting voice say. "No." I whisper and cry. I hear the front door slam. "Where's Johannah?" I ask Niall who I can feel sat down leaning against the door as I am. "She's on a date. She said us lot could come over for a sleep over as she probably wouldn't be coming home." Niall tells me. "WHERE IS SHE!" I hear Louis shout and I cry more. "It's okay babe." Niall tells me. "She's in her room crying her fucking eyes out. BECAUSE OF YOU!" I hear Harry shout. Louis bangs my door and then tries to knock it down. I move away and lock my self in the wardrobe but first I open my window to make it seem like I have ran away. I hide in the closet as I hear the door fall down. "Where is she?" He shouts again. "The window!" Jake says. "FUCK!" Louis shouts again. I hear them leave and go down stairs to the kitchen I'm guessing. I climb out then unlock the door. "I knew you were in there." Niall is sat on my bed. Wow, he did really know me. "You know what you said in Spain?" Niall asked and I shake my head. I sit next to him on the bed. "About us just being together just so Louis can't have you..." Niall says. I remember and nod. "Do you still think that way or do you really like me?" Niall asked. What an awkward question. "I do Niall, I love you." I say and kiss him, passionately. "You've never kissed me like that." Niall tells me. "I wanted to show you how much I love you." I say to him and put my hands on his. He looks down at our hands and smiles. "T, your back!" Harry shouts. "Why the hell did you drive away like that!" Louis shouts and strides towards me. His hand slashes towards me but Niall stops it. "NO!" Niall shouts. His face was going red and angry. "You wont hurt her anymore!" Niall shouts and pushes Louis into my pool. I stare and once Louis gets out the pool I push them all out my room and shut the now unlock able door. I lock myself into the wardrobe to get changed. 

I walked out and sat on the couch. Niall came and sat next to me. He out his arm around me. "So, Louis is pretty mad." He starts. "I know." "He said either you leave the house or he does."Niall tells me. What!" I sit up so I'm facing him. "Like for the night?" I ask. "Forever." Niall corrects. "No,no, no, no, NO! I'm not going back to the orphanage. Never. I love it here.  Louis is the one ruining this house not me! I'm trying my best to fit in here! I'm not leaving. He can!" I say and storm to Johanna's room. I get out Louis's favorite picture of me and him...

I then ran to Louis's room and opened the door. "This, this is what I wanted. See how happy we were? See how friendly we were? Well this was me feel excepted and wanted. Like nothing could bring me down. This is what you'll be taking away if you walk through that door, because I know I'm definitely not leaving!" I shout at him showing him the picture. "Liv, I can't pretend I don't love you!" He shouts back at me. "I'm not even going to try. You have given me the perfect excuse to leave. I can't stay with you around here." He says calming down. He stares past me I turn to see the boys mouths wide open. "She loves me." Niall says. "GO!" I shout to them. "Louis, if you go what's to say mum wont get upset and take me back? Nothing. She will. She will take me back because then she thinks you'll come back." I tell him. "Don't you see? If you go back, we can be together!" Louis says. I shake my head. "Louis, I love Niall." I state. "Niall, he told me your deal."  "We talked about it today, he's grown to love me and I have grown to love him and I couldn't be happier." I LIE. Louis looks down at his bag. "One kiss, one kiss is all I ask." He tells me. I know I want to, more than anything in the world. and that's when I realize I'M IN LOVE WITH MY FOSTER BROTHER! I step towards him. "You know we could get caught at any time." I whisper. "That's the thrill in it." He tells me and pushes his lips against mine. He licks my bottom lip asking for entrance and I let him. Our tongues dance in each others mouths. I get butterflies in my belly doing somersaults and setting off fireworks. I feel that tingle you get when you know he's the one. And for that moment in time, it feels like me and Louis are the only people in the world. We hear a knock on the door. "Please stay." I whisper and Louis nods. I open the door and the boys are standing there. "I'm going to sleep and me and Louis are having a whole movie day tomorrow to ourselves. Johannah has text me to say sh's got work in the morning and day and wont be back until 9 so you lot can leave at 10 tomorrow." I say and kiss Niall before waving goodbye to Louis, winking then going to sleep. 

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