In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.


10. TEN

I woke up the next morning and heard people in my wardrobe. I slowly walked over and hit one in the back of the head. "Liv, what are you doing?" Harry asks rubbing his head. "Sorry. Forgot you were coming over." I say. "Put this on." Niall says and hands me clothes. I usher them out my wardrobe and put it on. I walk out looking like this.. 

I looked in the mirror. "I look pretty damn hot." I say. "Yes you do." Niall says. "Did I say that aloud?" I ask. Niall nods. "Now you can face everyone. As long as you think your indestructible nothing can stop you." He says and kisses my neck. I think I'm starting to like Niall, but I like Louis and Josh was quite cute as well. I have his number. I can talk to him about anything at anytime. I smile to myself. "What's up baby?" Niall asks me hugging me from behind looking in the mirror at us two. "I can do this!" I say and straighten up then walk out to meet Harry and he whistles. "You look hot." He smirks. I wink at him and walk out. Johannah coughs. "Told you." She says in her cough. I smiled at her and walked out the house with Niall and Harry, Jake meeting us at the end of our front path. "You look different. Have you done something new with your hair?" Jake joked to me. "Yeah, it's definitely my hair that's different." I laugh. "Come on you, let's get to college." Jake smiles and we all get in the car. "Louis's already at college and he hangs around at the canteen both break and lunch then if he's not in class then he's by the bins." Jake tells me. I nod as he speaks. "Plus he's never by the bike shed because that's where we are." Harry tells me. "Why, does he not like us?" I ask Niall. "Yes, we are best mates but we just don't mix well in college." He says. I nod yet again. "Okay, he does know what your like at school though?" I ask. They shake their heads. "Well we're going to show them." I smirk. 

--at school--

We walk through the corridors together and people stare like in a movie. I realize the likeness to a movie they smile and flick my hair and the boys laugh. We walk straight to Louis who's beating up a girl for homework answers. "Louis." Harry says and taps his shoulder. Me, Niall and Jake are keeping our distance to see how it goes with Harry on his own. We see them talking but don't know what about then Louis swipes for Harry but he backs out the way. "Whoa." Harry shouts. We walk over. "Louis, listen we don't want any trouble." I say as a crowd starts to form around us. Louis goes to punch me as Niall whispers indestructible into my ear. I grab Louis hand before it reaches my face and slap his face. "You didn't just do that?" Louis chuckles. "Oh, I did." I glare back. "Your really going to do this? In heels?" Louis asks. "Bring it on." I glare again. The bell rings. "This will be settled at break." Louis tells me and i turn around dramatically and walk to my next lesson. Jake, Niall and Harry following me. 

--Lesson 2--

"So, the fights in 30 minutes." Niall whispers. "Scared?" Harry asks. "I would be." Jake tells me. I shake my head. "It's just a normal fight with a brother. Nothing I haven't done before." I say. "That's my girl." Niall says and kisses my cheek. 


There was a big crowd around me, Louis, Niall, Harry and Jake. "So, you ever had a fight before?" Louis asks circling me. "Please babe, I have had more fights in  my first 5 years in that orphanage then you ever will in your life." I say and some one shouts adopted. "Do you want to join this fight?" I ask them. They shake their head and Louis plants his fist on my cheek. I hold it in pain. Then reach up my leg and kick his ribs. People gasp and I wink at Niall. Him and the boys clap as the rest of everyone else does. I turn to Niall and Louis pulls my hair. "You know your a dick right!" I shout and punch his face. He falls to the floor but then gets straight back up. "And your a adopted little bitch." Louis says and goes to punch me. I duck and he misses. "You'll have to try better than that." I say and he tries again but I dodge it. Again but he misses again. "Do you really want to embarrass yourself like this, I mean your only a little boy." I say. "Your younger than me." He states I nod. "But you have the mind of a 7 year old." I tell him. "You you fight like one." I say. Louis shakes his head in disapproval at me. "Least I was unwanted." Louis says and I glare at him. I start to lash out at him punching and kicking him, I cut his lip give him a nose bleed and give him a black eye. "I never knew you had a bad side." Louis smirks at me. "I do, don't get on it again!" I glare at him once again as him and two other people help him to the nurse. "You are going to get in shit for that!" Jake tells me. "I'm different now." I say and we have a group hug, the four of us. "I'm going to ask Johannah if she can let the four of us go to Ibiza." I say. "No!" Harry and Niall say at the same time. "What?" I ask. "She will demand Louis to go." Niall explains. "And? After that Louis wont touch us." I say. "Maybe not at school but you have no idea what he's really like..." Harry says then walks away. "Guy's I might just go home, I mean Johannah is at work and the house is free." I tell them and begin to walk out of the school. "Miss Tyler, for your third day officially at this school I doubt skipping class is an option." A guy tells me. I'm guessing a teacher.  "Do I look bothered?" I say and move around him. He stops me. "Now Miss Tyler we wouldn't want this to go to the head would we now?" He asks. I look up at him and it's one of Louis's friends. "Oh back off." I say and push out the way. He grabs my arm and spins me around to face him. Our lips we're inches apart. "Do you know how much I want to-" I start. He kisses me. I back away and punch him. "What was that for?" He asks. "What do you think." "You wanted to kiss me." He says. "Punch you, I was going to say punch you dipshit. Now move out the way." I say and push him to the side. "I'll tell Louis." He calls after me. "About what." I say and stop in my tracks. "The kiss." I laugh. "Why would he or I care?" I ask him. "Because I know how he feels towards you." He says I spin around. "Hate, he feels fucking hate and do you know why?" He shakes his head. "Because, he called me unwanted hit me, didn't even tell me what he was like at school and the make it worse he thinks he still has the right to call me his little sister. That is why!" I shout at him. "Well he loves you. More than anything." So I do. I think. "Well I don't, you tell him that because I'm leaving I shout and walk home. Johannah was there waiting for me. "I heard about yours and Louis's fight." She says. "Sorry." I say. "Why?" She asks me. "Mum, he called me unwanted." I say and Johannah gasps. "Louis is in his room you two are going to sort this out whether you like ti or not. Then you two plus Niall, Harry, Jake, Zayn and Liam are going to Ibiza just like you wanted." I nod. "Okay Jo." I say and trudge to Louis's room. I knock on the door and enter. 


A/N: Cliffhangerrrrr! Awh, sorry I can't add more to this chapter it's just. I'm tired and I need my sleep so...Keep Smiling<3:)

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