In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.



So today is my first day back in England. 

And tomorrow is my first day in collage! Louis says that I need to stay true to myself there because people will try change me, I have no idea what he's on about. Louis also says to stay away from him there? He says he's a different person there? I'm sure I'll cope. I mean, it's only Louis. Today Johannah is taking me shopping and buying me 5 outfits all for the first week of collage. "Thank you so much Jo for taking me shopping today." I say eating my breakfast. "Your welcome. Please, call me mum." She says. I feel my eyes widen. "Oh I will, I definitely will. Thank you!" I was so thankful for all of what Johannah has done for me. I love her. But she will never be my mum, my really one anyway. I would like to think she is but I can't. "So, where is Louis?" Johannah asked me and I shrugged. "You tell me." I said. "I heard your with Niall, tell all!" Johannah gossiped. I giggled. "Well there's nothing to tell. I know we haven't been together long but it's not working out. I don't know what to do, this is my first proper relationship." I said. "So you haven't lost your V-card." Johannah asked. "Yes just I haven't had a relationship like this before." I say. "Just see how it goes for a while longer." I nod. That's what I'll do then. "Ready?" Johannah asks. I nod and get my shoes on, no socks, like Louis told me. 

Shopping dragged on and on by dinner time we we're done. 

--skipping shopping--

"Thank you for all this." I thanked Johannah walking into my new home. Louis, Niall and 3 others we sat watching saw. "Ow, that's got to hurt." One said. "Ew." Said another. "Oh hi babe." Niall said jumping up from the couch to hug me. I kissed his lips but only a peck. The boys on the couch nudged Louis staring at me. I rolled my eyes. "Haven't seen you all day." I said standing in front of Louis. He huffed. "Trying to watch to movie." Louis said pushing me out the way. I hit his arm. "It can wait now give your sister a hug!" I stood back in front of him. "I will." One with curly hair said. "No you will not!" Niall said with his perfect Irish accent. I looked at him and giggled. "Louis!" I pleaded. "Fine." He huffed and stood up to hug me. He released me from his grip and sat back down. "Thank you." I said. "Was that so hard??" I asked. "Was that so hard?" he mimicked. "Be nice you two, we have company." Johannah told us and I rolled my eyes at Louis who was making stupid faces at me. "Aren't you going to introduce me?" I asked Louis sitting between Niall and one with beautiful green eyes. "Guys this is Liv, Liv this is guys." Louis says, eyes glued to the TV. "So your starting college with us?" One with dark hair asked. "Yes, who are you." I asked trying to be polite. "Zayn, this is Liam and this is Harry." Zayn told me. "You can call me sexy." Harry winked put his hand on my thigh. "She has a boyfriend boys." Johannah said grabbing a bottle of wine from the kitchen and leaving again. "Who?" Liam asks. "ME!" Niall shout putting his hand in the air. "How did you get her?" Liam asks. "Because I did, got a problem?" Niall threatened. "Okay, right I'm going to leave." I said standing up. "Why?" Zayn asks. "1. I hate this movie. 2. It's getting awkward and 3. I have some money to get pizza, ice cream and a chick flick. So good bye chica's." I say and wave going back outside. I walked down the street, quite far as the shop was like a half an hour walk there. I walk along the next street. I past a big house a bit like my old one. I look at the name. St. Clare's home for orphaned children.  That's my home. I ignore it and walk further down to the shop. I come to a corner where I saw Kyle with 4 other thug looking guys. They were smoking! "Kyle?" I asked as a smile grew on my face. "Kyle, it's your girlfriend." They teased him. I ran to him and gave him a hug. "I missed you so much." I say. "Yeah, you too." He says looking awkward. "What's this?" I ask getting angry taking the cigarette off him and putting it out."Hey, I was enjoying that!" He says. "I don't care." I answer him. "Don't throw your life away Kyle, like these guys." I tell him. "What did you say?" The boys started coming closer to me. I glared at them.  "Guys, just back off." Kyle told them then turned to me. "Fuck off rich girl." I looked at him hurt. "Kyle I-" "Fuck. Off." He said slowly. I nodded getting teary and carried on walking to the shop. I bought Love Actually and Cookie dough Ice cream. Then I brought a normal cheese deep pan pizza. I'm going to have a nice quite night to myself in my beautifully decorated room. Look, it's amazing...

Louis's is the same really just his has a smaller hot tube because he likes to relax not swim but oh well. He also has a gym in his. Yes, our house is MASSIVE! I love living here. I walked down the street and I saw Kyle walking alone. I walked past him. "Don't say thank you then!" He says and I spin around on the spot so I was now facing him. "For what. Just leave me alone." I say and run back with my shopping. I also bought Louis and his friends, smarties, skittles, m&m's and starbursts. Then two bottles of Strongbow. I brought Johannah her favorite magazine that she was trying to find the latest copy of in Spain but failed to then I brought her another bottle of wine because the last one only had 1/4 of a bottle left. I walked back inside the house. "I'm back!" I shout and wave to Niall. I walk over to the boys and hand them their stuff. "Cheers babe!" Niall thanks and kiss me. "Cheers babe." Harry says and goes to kiss me. "Not happening." I say. "Who doesn't want a bit Of Harry Styles." He asks shaking his hips at me. "Like I said, Not happening Styles." I laughed. "That's my girl." Niall says and pulls my on his lap. "Nope, I'm going to my room I'm not watching what ever you are.." I say. "The shinning." Zayn tells me. "Well I'm watching Love actually then probably Toy story I say. Or I might just go to bed." Louis face palms. As does Zayn and Niall. "We will come!" Harry and Liam say. "Your watching this." I say. "Plus, I don't trust you Hazza." Niall says. "I'll be there nothing will happen." Liam says pulling me away to my room. He opens the door and gasps. "I know." I say. Harry walks in. "You know we could always just swim." He winks at me. "Take this to Johannah from me." I say handing Liam the bag. He nods and leaves. "Your beautiful. I would love to see you in a bikini." He says. "Shame you didn't come to Spain." I say and walk to my bed. "Oh so you want to do something else then." He winks."Never. Keep dreaming Styles." I say. "I love it when  you call me that." He winks again and I roll my eyes. He comes closer climbing on the bed and I stand up. I push he down so he's lying then walk away. "Stop teasing me." Harry moans. I shake my head. "Give it up Styles." I say then Liam walks in. "Johannah says thank you." Then he hugs me. "Johannah told me to do that, just saying.." Liam tells me. "Okay." "Please can we swim instead!" Harry moans. He moans a lot. "Okay, is that fine with you?" Liam asks me. I nod. I walk to my wardrobe (The door leads to my walk in wardrobe by the way.) and get out my bikini. "Wow, this is amazing!" Liam says looking at all my clothes and shoes. To give you a picture it looks like this...

Swimwear is kept in the drawers by the jacket. I lock the door to the wardrobe and get changed. After changing I walked back into my room and saw the boys all ready changed. "Ready?" I ask. They nod and I jump in. Harry swims to me. "You look stunning!" He says and grabs my waist. I struggle out his grip as Liam stares. "I thought your supposed to be stopping him." I say. "But you do look amazing in that!" Liam says. "Just get him off me." I tell him and try to make Harry let go. The whole time he's grinning at my body. Liam pulls him off and I get out. "Where are you going we just got it!" Liam says. "If Harry can't control himself then I'm getting out!" I say. "Stop, I'm sorry!" He says and I jump back in. "Don't try anything again!" I say and he nods. 2 hours later we are laughing and playing around like idiots. Liam lifts me out the water and throws me back into the water. I laugh and swim under water towards him. I feel something grab my foot. I try to kick it off but it pulls me back towards it. I come out the water and I'm in Harry's arms then he throws me in the water. Still under water I start to tickle Harry and I hear him scream with laughter. My door swings open. Niall, Zayn and Louis are stood in the frame. I come up for air and see them staring at me with big eyes. "We didn't want to watch a film." I say. "Well me and Zayn were going and since he's our ride I thought that you would like to come as well..." Niall says to Liam and Harry. "See you around Styles." I say as he leaves our house. "See you around T." He says and shuts the door behind him. "Nice time with the boys?" Louis asks annoyed. I nod. "Why do you care?" I ask. "Thought you might of spent time with your boyfriend than flirt with my friends." He says. "Do you want to know why?" I nearly shout. "Go on." He says. "I block people out, I push them away. If I get to close that's what will happen to Niall. To you. I get scared because if I get close, to people I get attached and if I get attached my heart will get broken, happens every time. I push people away. I would prefer to push away you friend then push away Niall. So that's why now you fuck off and leave me alone." I shout and storm towards my room. Johannah comes out of hers and stops me in my path. "What's up sweet?" She asks. "Nothing, need some time alone!" I say and enter my room and lay on my bed eating my Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Once I finished the tub I changed into my pj's and went to sleep. College tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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