In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.


25. Last Chapter

24 years later. "I hate my life!" Maddi screams running through the door and slamming it. She runs straight to her room past me and Louis. "Your turn, I gave the last advice and that didn't end well!" Louis states. Maddi is our 16 year old daughter. She has Blue eyes and dark brown hair. A cute button nose and always having problems at school. She's always getting into fights, arguments, trouble with the teachers. "Maddi baby, come down stairs." I shout to her calmly. "NO!" She screams back. I roll my eyes at Louis who is laughing at me and walk up our glass spiral stair case. I reach Maddi's door and knock. "Go away dad, I don't want any more of your pathetic advice!" She screams. I open the door. "It's me baby." I tell her and sit next to her on her bed. "Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" I ask her. "What isn't wrong I mean Addison tells Mary that I like Theo which I totally don't and then Amy goes around telling people that I have slept with him then other guys are saying I slept with them as well so Amy and her friends started calling me a slut si then I asked Gary who started it and he said Theo so I went to talk to him and I asked why he was calling me a slut and he said he didn't even though Gary and other people said he did so I knew he was lying so then I swung first, I know you told me not to but I didn't and punched his jaw and we got in a fight. I went to the principles office and she gave me and 2 hour after school detention for tomorrow even though I told her why I did it and I had a perfectly reasonable explanation then in Science Amy kept muttering slut then I shouted at her to fuck off and that got me in the shit with Miss Garth so now nearly everyone thinks I'm a slut and I don't know what to do." She cries. "Well make those mother fucking bitches pay." I whisper in her ear and leave. I think I sorted that out right, that's what I would have done. "How was it?" Louis asks making dinner. "Fine same kind of stuff." I say and sit on the island in the kitchen and watch Louis work. "When are the boys coming for the reunion." I ask them. "They're not." Louis says with hurt in his voice. "Why not?" I ask jumping off the island to hug Louis. "Because Niall still isn't ready to see you and the boys are going to take him out again." I sigh. "Why can't he just move on." I sigh. "Because he loves you." Louis says. "But so do I." He continues and starts to passionately kiss me. "Ew, get a room." Maddi says and we brake apart. "When uncle Harry coming over?" She asks. "Styles isn't coming round today." I sigh upset. "Why not." I give her a look. "Oh, okay." She says and we sit down for tea. We eat dinner in silence not saying one word then go up to bed. No one speaks at all. I don't mind though because I love my family and this is all I have ever dreamed of, days like these are just small hiccups in the roller coaster that is life. Was that good? Last chapter and everything turns out sort of okay. Thank you for reading- Keep smiling
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