In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.



I am a horrible girlfriend. I mean I left him. I just left him? How could I do that? I'm such a bad person. "Your not. It's just how could you forgive him after what he did." Louis answered . Did I just say that out loud? "Yes." Lou answers great now he can read my thoughts. We were sat waiting for our plane to board. We are going to Costa Rica apparently Louis has a secret house there? 

Yes I got changed. It wouldn't look to good me in a wedding dress at the airport with a guy that hasn't got a ring or even wearing a tux. And yes I have Louis's promise ring back on. "T, no Liv. I'm sorry your wedding was a disaster." Louis apologizes. "It's fine and wasn't your fault." I say. "Plus, you can call me T now, I am a Tomlinson after all." I wink and he smiles at the floor. My phonw rings and I see it's Johannah. 

(T- Me  J-Johannah)

T: Hi

J: I'm sorry the wedding was so awful. Come back and you can can't married. Liv, text Louis to come back as well he's disappeared. 

That's when I remember Johannah wasn't in when me and Louis took off. Johannah was in the toilets probably crying. 

T: Me and Louis are leaving mum. 

J: No your not

T: But we love each other mum, I don't love Niall. He was just a distraction at first but then-

J:But then you grew to love him where are you?

T: I DON'T LOVE HIM! I LOVE LOUIS! and we are about to board our plane. Good bye! 

I shout and hang up. "Jo?" Lou asks and I nod. 

--on the plane--

"You know when we are in Costa Rica I'm going to be a singer." Louis tells me. "Are you going to change?" He asks me. "Fuck yes. I'm going to have a whole different attitude. I'm no longer Liv, the quiet, lonely, unwanted, stupid girl I'm now T, the loud, feared and fucking mental crazy ass bitch." I say and Louis looks at me weird. "Your really going to change that much?" Louis asks. "Why do you not like it?" I counter ask. "I love it." Louis smirks. "I have always wanted to change." I tell him. "Why?" He asks back holding my hand. "Because it's horrible being so quiet no one can hear you and it's worse to be called stupid everyday or even to have people have the guts say your unwanted. If I changed I may still be that inside but on the outside no can mess with me and I wont feel lonely or unwanted or stupid any more I will feel Indestructible." I tell him and he nods understanding what I'm saying. "So you love me?" Louis asks. I laugh a little then reply. "If everyone really think your the one for me I guess I was just blinded by my own determination to see what was truly in front of me the whole time." I tell him. "Not everyone, Johannah." Louis states then we laugh. "Would you like some food or drink?" A very slutty looking flight attendant asks Louis with a wink. "Yeah actually we would love some thing." I answer before Louis. "What do you want babe?" I ask him and she glares. "Nothing." He answers awkwardly because he can see the rivalry. "I'll have a coke and some chocolate." I fake smile at her. She hands me a small bar of chocolate and a diet coke. "I didn't want diet." I say. "But you need it." She smiles and walks away. "What a fucking bitch!" I moan. Louis laughs. "She is, did you see a=how bad she wanted you. Lucky I'm here otherwise she would be all over you." I tell him and he laughs again. This time I do as well. "Stop it!" I tell because his laugh is making me laugh so until he stops I can't. If that makes sense? Eventually he stops and we are both fast asleep. I feel something wet on my hair and suddenly spring up. The girl from earlier is stood pouring water over me. She bends down and kisses Louis until he wakes up. "I know you. Your all over the news back home. Unwanted bitch." She laughs and walks away. All over then news? Shit! Johannah!


"Oh my fucking god Louis!" I shout. "It's beautiful." I scream. If you would like to see my absolutely wonderful house here you gooooo....

How amazing is that! We walk in. Well um...I kind of ran inside. Don't judged just look at that house. I keep getting truly amazed with this family, I never know what to expect. Louis's phone rings. "Oi shit head you landed yet?" I hear a voice say. "Yeah, come round matte. I got someone I want you to meet." "Not any other blind date, you know I hate them!" He says. "No just come over!" Louis says and hangs up. "Who was that?" I ask him. "Oh only Tyler." Louis says I wait for him to continue.  "Oh, Um Tyler is quite tall. Actually you might need to look up to him. He's got dark hair and dark eyes. And he's one hot boiii." Louis says and makes me laugh. "Also he's from Costa Rica so I hardly see him in person much but we Skype and shit." I nod. "Well I'm getting changed new me starts when he walks through that door, don't be surprised." I tell him and go to my room. 

I take one last look in the mirror and put my beats around my neck then walk out. I walk down stairs and Louis looks at me. "Not much of a difference." He says. "You'll see." I tell him. I decided to start smoking again. I have been wanting one for so long, and I'm going to be rude, seductive, violent and swear more than normal. Wish me luck. Tyler knocks on the door and is let in! "Louuuu!" He screams and I laugh. "Tyyyyyy." Louis screams back and they hug each other. "I missed you bro, why haven't you visited lately. Not been lucky with the chicks?" He asks and Louis points to me. Tyler looks. "Is this my date?" He asks Louis. "Nope, this is mine." Louis answers. "I'm T." I tell him and he sits down on the couch. "Not there!" I tell him as he sits next to me. "What? Why?" He questions confused. "Because that's where my feet are going." I answer him and put my feet on the couch. "Aren't you a handful." He says and I just laugh. I sit up and walk out the room to the garden. "Finally." I say blowing out the smoke that I inhaled. "T!" Louis quietly shouts. If that's possible? "Yeah." I say spinning around. "No! No smoking!" He tells me. I pout and hand him my cigarette. "Try some." I tell him. "You'll get lucky tonight." I wink and he inhales. "That is horrible." Louis says. "Let me have one more puff though." Louis says and I laugh at him.  I think I just got Louis into smoking. "Lou, what ya doing out here mate?" He asks. "Yes mate!" Tyler says high fiving Louis for smoking. Why he does that I will never know and then starts himself. I sigh and walk out. There is nothing I can do to surprise this boy! I scream in my head. At least I thought in my head. "Babe, there's only one thing you can do and that's simply kiss him. More than a peck less than sex, leave him wanting more but obviously you wont do that because your-" Louis looks at my face. I know he knows I have an idea, leave him wanting more. "I will only do it if you let me..." I say to Louis. "We aren't even a thing yet so knock yourself out!" He laughs then kisses my forehead and leaves. "Hey Tyler." I say walking down the stairs. "I think that's the first nice thing you have said to me." He chuckles. Louis leaves the room and Tyler is about to. NO NO NO NO! "Wait." I say and shut the door he's about to walk out of, locking it. What an advantage of this house every door has a lock. "What are you doing?" He asks. I say nothing just jump forward and smash my lips against his. Our mouths move in sync as well as our tongues. He grabs the bottom of my top after 2 whole minutes kissing then starts to lift it. I break the kiss unlocking the door at the same time and wink and walk out. Job done! "How was it?" Lou asks. "Oh My Fuck Louis, you should have seen his face." I laugh. We high five then go back to Tyler. The whole time he over Tyler is staring at me licking his lips I play along. He doesn't think Lou knows but of course he does. "Bye mate seen you soon." Lousi says ushering Tyler out the door.

"So boo bear, how's job hunting going?" I ask he's been searching ever since Tyler left which was like 4 hours ago. "I found a record lable who are wiling to sign if you help me produce a demo in 48 hours." Louis says I nod and pull out my notebook from under the couch. I hide it a different place evrytime. It's my song book. I rip our a page and give it to Louis. "'Happily'?" Louis asks, U nod. "Just play it and record it in 48 hours then send it off." I say then kiss his cheek. "Good night boo bear." I say and he giggles at the name. I climb into bed and quickly drift off to sleep


A/N: Sorry that Louis is going solo for the minute guys:( But thank you to everyone who has liked my story it means a lot. Keep smiling beauts:) 

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