Not your Typical Love Story

She had the chance to meet Austin Mahone she blew it.
It changed her life.


2. There is no way

As we were giving the security our tickets the guy taking my ticket said "you saw him didn't you?" I just nodded and walked in. We went to get some burgers and sat down. I couldn't even eat a quarter of my burger I was so love sick. When I finally somewhat calmed down and we wandered the fair for a while waiting until we could go in. I saw a lot of Mahomies walking around and they were all so friendly. I had like 5 or 6 girls wearing their own custom made t-shirts for the concert wave at me and smile. We made our way to the entrance for the concert and I could see all the meet and greet girls leaving and waiting to enter for the concert part. I wasn't bummed at the time that I wasn't able to go to the meet and greet. I was on top of the world.

The concert started and Jake Miller opened for Austin. I love Jake Miller he is amazing and got everybody pumped to see Austin. Then it was time for my man to come out on stage and preform. The crowd went wild. I could see Alex and Robert standing in the back videotaping our crowd. Austin was great I was in love. This was when What about Love had just came out and we were having a blast. I remembered seeing this guy in a bright green shirt slip the security guard a 20 dollar bill before the show started. It was time for one lucky girl to come on stage and be serenaded by Austin. IT just happened to be the daughter of the guy in the bright green shirt. I am not even kidding. This girl didn't cry or smile or anything she just kind of sat there. I wish a deserving mahomie would have been able to go up there, but life isn't fair.

It was nearing the end and Austin was singing his covers. He then started to sing Beautiful soul by Jesse McCartney. That song was my childhood and I was crying and screaming the whole song. Ally, Brianna and I were all hugging and crying during this song.

I go through hell at home and that concert was the best day of my life.

When the concert was over we started walking to our truck and the place where we spotted Austin there was 100's of screaming girls. I soon found out when we got home that he had been over there taking picture with his fans. I missed the other chance I had to meet him. Ally and Brianna slept over that night but none of us slept we all just lied there in the dark. At some point we all fell asleep and ally must have left pretty early in the morning because she wasn't there when we woke up. Ally is my neighbor so al she had to do was walk home.

When Brianna left I went into my room and cried. I had PCD. PCD is Post Concert Depression. I didn't get out of bed unless I absolutely had to for 3 days. I had to pull my shit together on the fourth day because my friend Ashley invited Brianna and I to go to a waterpark with her, her boyfriend and Perry the guy I was still getting over. Some friend Ashley was inviting my "ex" to the waterpark with us. It was Ashley's birthday so I couldn't complain. The day went on and all of us went to Ashley's house for cake and a sleepover. We then watched movies until 3 in the morning. It sort of got my mind off of Austin and me being an idiot and missing my chances to meet him. We all crashed in a big pile on the couch Ashley was laying on Joey Brianna was laying on Ashley's legs, I was laying on Brianna's lap and Perry was laying in my lap. Pretty awkward when we all woke up.

A week later I went to a free Emblem 3 concert and shoved my way to front row and got to touch Drew. YUM! That was a good day, but I wasn't affected by it like I was at the Austin Mahone concert. I then spent labor day up north and got to meet a cool dude named Ivan and he was a year younger than me and a bit immature (and horny).



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