Not your Typical Love Story

She had the chance to meet Austin Mahone she blew it.
It changed her life.


1. The first time.


 It was August 9th 2013 when Austin Carter Mahone changed my life. You are probably reading this thinking wow this is such a typical fan fiction, but it is not it is my story. So hi! My name is Danny my friends call me D for short. Let’s get back to my story.

Ausgust 9th, just hearing the words in my head gives me chills. It was a few hours before the concert was starting so Ally (my annoying, abusive friend) and Brianna my (weird, cocky friend) were getting ready with me. We were definitely your typical crazy fangirls. We had red shirts all decked out in gold and red glitter. They were pretty amazing. I had made a poster but the two of them were "too cool" for a poster. I was so excited it was my first concert and we were going to be sitting section 2 row 9. Those were awesome seats. Unfortunately I was extremely ill when the meet and greets went on sale and forgot all about them, but I wasn't going to let that get me down. My two aunts arrived and we drove and hour to get to the fair he was preforming at. When we got there it took us almost 45 minutes to find a parking space, but we found a parking lot in the back where the stage was. We got our spot and it was literally the stage, Austin Mahones tour bus, a fence and our truck. If the truck wouldn't have been brand new I would have gotten on top of it to see if I could spot Austin.

We get out of the truck and head in. There were multiple openings to the backstage area and a guard standing by everyone. Me being the curious one I am I was staring in every opening of the fence maybe trying to find my man. We got to the last opening and I glanced having lost hope of seeing him and stopped dead in my tracks. There he was riding down the ramp of a truck on his scooter suitcase. I wasn't sure it was him and first and didn't know what to do. I started yanking my friend Brianna in their direction. I yelled out Austins name and the group of guys he was standing by all looked over. My aunt said that it wasn't him and that we should just go. Austin then made another circle on his scooter and I burst into tears. Ally just stood there with her mouth wide open and Brianna kept trying to pry my trembling hands off of her arms. I started to run up to them but stopped when I saw the guard dude shake his head at me. I screamed his name once more and he stopped scootering and looked at us. I then started doing that wheezing thing you do when you cry and I scream I LOVE YOU! He screamed back I LOVE YOU TOO! My aunts were at the entrance already and I ran back over to them not even thinking of asking for a picture

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