Not your Typical Love Story

She had the chance to meet Austin Mahone she blew it.
It changed her life.


10. Seperate Ways

We walked in. His arm around my waist to comfort me. I could see girls glaring at me and then whispering. Alex was DJing and he said "this ones out to my best friend Austin"

Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney started to play. Austin grabbed my hand and he pulled me to the center of the gym. We started to slow dance and I couldn't help but to think of how perfect it all was. I had only dreamed about a moment with him like this since 7th grade.

It was too perfect. What happened to my walls? Why did I let him in so easily? What was I doing? As soon as he has to leave and continue his tour I am never going to see him again. Why bother? Love never lasts. It's not real. I was just setting myself up for heartbreak. I mean the only reason why I went with him was because I was hurt about what happened with Matt. I had to get out of there. Everyone was staring how do I leave and not make a scene? Ugh

Me: Austin?

A: Danny?

Me: Um what happens after you leave tomorrow?

A: Well I don't really know. I like you I do, but I have to focus on my music and I am on tour.....

Me: Ok just do me a favor?

A: What?

Me: Next time don't take a girl to prom and make her feel special, then tell her you never want to see her again.

He stopped dancing. (here comes the scene)

A: I never said that. I told you I like you it just can't work. I'm me and you're you.

Me: You're a pop star and I'm just another fan you wanted to make feel special who you will forget about by tomorrow.

A: Danny that's not true!

Me: Just call the bus up so they can take me home. You have fun at your prom.

A: Really Danny? Wow. I'm just glad we are going our separate ways and I never have to see you again.

Me: Ok

I stormed outside and a crowd of fans and paparazzi were trying to push their way into the school. I got mauled with questions "Who are you?" "Aren't you Austins date?" "What happened?"

"where's Austin?" "What's your name?"

Just as I was about to fall over from all the paparazzi and fans attacking me I felt someone grab me and pull me from the crowd. Thank god for Alex!

Alex: What happened?

Me: Where's the bus?

Alex: Come on.

We ran to the bus trying to get away from all the craziness. Alex sat me down on the couch and gave me a box of tissues.

Alex: Uh here just incase.

Me: Haha thanks.

Alex: So what happened? I saw you run out.

Me: I don't know he told me it won't work and that "he's him and I'm me" He doesn't ever want to see me again anyway.

Alex: What?!

Me: I should have known.

Alex: You had graduation already and you have like a week of school left why don't you just come with us on tour? Btw that's kind of weird that your prom is so late.

Me:  I don't know Alex. Why bother? and yeah our school is extremely backwards.

Alex: What do you mean why bother? I want you to come with us.

Me: Well he is "to busy and to good" for me

Alex: He is really not. Stop talking like that. You don't deserve him to talk like that to you. Just come on tour with us it'll be fun! We can be cuddle buddies and eat lots of food together!

Me: I don't know. I just wanted to stay home this summer.

Alex: This will be your last summer to completely screw off. Come travel America with us.

Me: No Alex I can't.

Alex: I'm demanding it now you have to. You are going to go home and take a shower, then we will pack your bags and get on the tour bus. Got it?

Me: No Alex you can't make me.

Alex: Well I'm kidnapping you then.

With that he picked me up and carried me off the bus into my house. He plopped me on my bed and started rummaging through my closet.

I got up and grabbed some clothes and went to shower.

I got out and saw Alex sitting amongst a pile of my clothes. I laughed to myself. He looked lost.

I pulled out a duffel bad and stuffed all my clothes in it. Then I got another bad and stuffed my everything else in it.

When I was done packing it looked like I was moving out. Which I kind of was.

Alex helped me with  my bags and he set them on my bunk.

I was so tired but Alex insisted on watching a movie in the "living room."

I sat on one side of the couch and he sat on the other. He looked at me and said "You are now officially my cuddle buddy so get your butt over here."

We laid down on the couch together. My head resting on his chest and his arm around me. He put in Little Miss Sunshine. I had seen that movie a billion times so I started to doze instantly.

I felt his grip tighten around me just before I fell asleep.

I got woken up by Austin whisper yelling. I realized Alex was gone and standing in front of me. I didn't move a muscle afraid what Austin would say to me if he knew I was awake.

Austin: What the fuck Alex?!

Alex: Dude calm down we are just friends and you obviously weren't there for her.

Austin: SO?! You know I like her! 

Alex: I do. But she doesn't.

Austin: Whatever man. She's a bitch anyways you can have her.

Alex: What has gotten into you? Why are you acting so nuts?

Austin: I'm not your being a horrible best friend.

Alex: Go to bed and calm down then can we talk in the morning? It's too late and she's sleeping.

I felt Alex pick me up bridal style and I whispered into his chest.

Me: I'm sorry I made you guys fight.

Alex: I'm sorry he was acting like an asshole. He isn't usually like this.

Me: Am I really a bitch?

Alex: No he's angry or something. I promise you did nothing wrong.

He put me in my bunk and said goodnight.

ME: Alex?

Alex: Huh?

Me: Thank you.

Alex: No problem. :)




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