Not your Typical Love Story

She had the chance to meet Austin Mahone she blew it.
It changed her life.


3. My school years

School started in September and I was everything but excited. It was senior year. I have planned to got to business school at open my own Bakery. I would call it Danny's Works.

Let me tell you about high school. IT IS HELL! I have never been asked to homecoming, or prom. I am your typical band geek. I have a lot of friends though. I would call it the semi-popular band geek. With school starting and everything I forgot about Austin and since the concert I tried my best to stay away from twitter and Instagram because it made me depressed. Don't give me that bullshit speech about not looking back and moving forward and "the past is the past" because I know! I am hardcore crushing on this kid and that's the only memory I have of him so I am hanging onto it with every fiber of my being.

September went by. No date to homecoming. No dates at all. I definitely know where my status stand with all the guys. A big fat FRIENDZONE. Maybe because I can kick their ass at COD but I can still clean up nice. I don't like homecoming much anyway. It is a grind-fest. Like sex with your clothes on. It is so gross. My friends have contests to see who can cause the most boners. NASTY. I'm not into that. I love to dance and have fun, just not grind. I just wished that my senior year wouldn't be the same as all the other, and boy was my wish granted.  

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