Not your Typical Love Story

She had the chance to meet Austin Mahone she blew it.
It changed her life.


8. Matt<3

Woah that happened fast. He wants to be exclusive?! Say yes! But Austin. No its not like you're going to meet Austin ever again any way.

Matt: Danny?

Me: hold your horses boy, you haven't even taken me on a first date yet.

Matt: Well prom is this weekend. Go with me?

Me: I don't have a dress.

Matt: Lets go get one then.

Me: Right now?

Mat: yeah come on

Because we live in a small town we have a small mall with a Macy's a JcPennys and a Debs.

We went to Debs first because that was our best bet. I had 80 dollars on me and the second I walked in I saw the perfect dress.

It was long, flowy, strapless and purple. I had a pair of sparkly silver converse that would go perfect with it.

I grabbed it off the rack and tried it on.

Me: what do you think?

Matt: wow. So hot!

Me: haha thank you

I looked at the price tag and it was 40 bucks on sale for 20. Score!

Today didn't turn out as bad as I thought. Matt grabbed my hand as we walked out. It felt really good. I couldn't help but smile.

He dropped me off because he had to go to wrestling practice. It was only 4 when he dropped me off.

It was Thursday and Prom is Saturday. I was so excited. I went up to my room and as I was hanging up my dress my doorbell rang.

I opened the door and there stood Austin with a bouquet of white roses. He is going to make this hating him thing really hard.

Me: What do you want?

Austin: Can I come in and talk with you?

Me: Where are all your cameras?

A: The crew is on the bus. We were headed back to the hotel.

Me: So you came here to tell me that?

A: Well no I got you flowers. 11 real white roses and 1 fake red rose.

Me: Why the fake one?

A: When the fake one dies I will stop being sorry.

Me: Sorry for what?

A: Sorry for not coming sooner, for not caring about your letter until I realized it would benefit my popularity in some way.

Me: Ok

A: Ok?

Me: What do you want me to say?

A: For god sakes instead of being so cold to me yell at me, punch me ANYTHING why are you so mad at me???!!!!!

Me: Because I feel dumb for wasting so much time obsessing about you and loving you and thinking you were there for me when you don't even care about anyone but yourself. Because I was mad that you read my letter but never wrote back or acknowledged me in any way. BECAUSE YOU WAIT TILL MY SENIOR YEAR AFTER MY MOM DIES TO COME SEE ME! BECAUSE YOU ONLY CAME TO SEE ME BECAUSE IT WOULD BENEFIT YOUR PUBLICITY NOT BECAUSE YOU ACTUALLY CARED! YOU'RE A CONCEITED COCKY ASSHOLE WHO DOESNT LOVE HIS FANS AND ONLY CARES ABOUT MONEY AND HIMSELF

A: You should have just punched me.

With that he set the flowers on the floor and walked out. I hope he feels as shitty as I did.

I will not feel bad about this!




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