Not your Typical Love Story

She had the chance to meet Austin Mahone she blew it.
It changed her life.


5. Cleared Confusion?

Brianna, Ally, Sara (random freshman) and I were all nervously standing in the office while all of the office people were standing there smiling at us.

What was going on??

Fern cleared her throat and handed each of us a slip that said "please meet backstage of the auditorium before 8th period" She then told us to leave.

I had to practically run to my locker  and grab my stuff and run to 3rd period so I wouldn't be late. It as my favorite class. Band. Mrs. Cobble my director told us that we have a special guest sitting in the back room listening to our practice today. I hope it was Michael Sweeny he is my inspiration. He composes music and he came to my school once.

She handed out 3 new pieces of music. The first songs title was Say Something, the second was thrift shop (ugh) and the third was Party Rock Anthem. I was pretty pumped I love new music.

For those of you who don't know anything about band, pep band music is what we play at football and basketball games.

She told us to play this first one well because our "special guest" was here for this one.

She counted of and we started playing. It was such a familiar song. I couldn't put my finger on it. I had an Alto Sax solo so I really liked this song. I just wish I knew where I heard before.

Class ended and I went on with my day. I had lunch and we all talked about why I would have to go to the auditorium.

After we finished we all went in the commons and Matt came up behind me, picked me up and set me on the drinking fountain. As I was struggling to get out of Matts grip and off of the fountain the principle came over the speaker "We will be having an assembly 8th period today. Learn Something and have a good day!"

Matt said "so you want me to save you a seat for the assembly?" I said, "I actually think I'm in the assembly because I have to go back stage before 8th period. He said "too bad" and lifted me off of the bubbler and the bell rang.

8th hour couldn't have come fast enough! I put my stuff in my bag and headed to the auditorium.

Alex then appeared next to me and told me I "was in for a real surprise" I just said oook? and hurried my pace so he wasn't walking next to me anymore. He was so weird.

I got to the auditorium and the principle was standing there directing the stage craft to put all theses speakers and microphones on the stage. He looked at me and motioned for me to go in the green room.

The green room is the room you wait in before your cue on stage.

I had no idea what to I was here for. I was so nervous. What if they wanted me to make a speech? What if I was like being sacrificed? What if they were giving me an award? What if I was being pranked?

I was terrified!

The bell rang and I heard everyone start to file into the auditorium. What was going on?

All four of us were placed on stools on the stage behind a closed curtain. Then the curtain opened and Fig our principle ran out and said " I bet you are wondering why you are here?"

The crown cheered.

Fig: Well these girls have no idea either. So today QUIET! *clears throat* So today we had a special guest here visiting us. He visited the band room during their practice and picked a special girl for the prize. He is 18 and he sings. You are probably wondering why he would be here in our tiny school. Well one of these girls sent him a letter explaining her home situation and saying how much of an inspiration he was about 3 or 4 years ago. He then found out that her mom passed form cancer 2 years later and finally made it here to see this lucky fan.

(hat was me! OH my Cheese nips! wHO DID I SEND A LETTER TO?! omG)

Fig: so now he is going to get you out of class and perform a little concert for you. HE is also going to serenade one of these ladies. All of these girls are probably extremely nervous and mad that I didn't give them a choice on whether or not they did this or not. They will thank me later. Here is the one and only AUSTIN MAHONE!

Austin runs out and I am in complete shock. I was annoyed, pissed, embarrassed and I was also kind of fangirling.

The whole high school goes crazy.

.I guess we have some mahomies in our school. I could even see some junior and senior girls crying.


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