Disconnect [Harry Styles]

Jenna and her family decide to go to London England for their family vacation for the summer. While wandering around the streets of London with her cousin, Erika, they sneak into a night club not know the boys of One Direction are partying there..


7. Chapter 7

   "Happy birthday!" I yell, running into Claire's room and jumped on her bed. "Go away," she grumbles into her pillow. "your party starts at one. Get up, sleepy head." She kicks me off her bed and I close her door behind me, giggling. 


"Did you text Harry yet?" Erika asked me, walking into the living room and plopping onto the couch. "Shit! Thanks for reminding me," I pull out my phone and text Harry. 


You and the boys busy this afternoon? 


I grab the remote from the table and start flipping through the channels until I felt my phone vibrate. 


No, why? x


I pressed reply.


Want to come party for a little? It's Claire's birthday today. xx


"Put it on Vampire Diaries," Erika say to me, as I turn it on the guide. I passed her the remote. 


Sure. What time? x


I smiled and pressed reply.


1pm xx


I put my phone away after receiving another message from Harry.


Just talked to the other boys, they're up for it. See you soon. x


I sighed and leaned back on the couch, turning my attention to the TV. "It's a Vampire Diaries marathon today. Just warning you," Erika smiles at me and I shake my head, smiling. "I love Vampire Diaries too so, I'm not complaining." I say, looking back at the TV. Claire emerges from up stairs and joins us in the living room. "So, we're just going to watch Vampire Diaries all day?" I look over at her. "Actually, we have some...guests coming over in an hour." Her eyes lighten up and she smiles. "Really? Who!" I look over at Erika who is smiling, trying not to laugh. "Well, their names are Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn." I literally thought she was going to pass out. "You're joking. Don't screw around with me," I scrunch up my eyebrows and shake my head. "Don't you remember we ran into them at the night club 4 days ago? I kept in touch with Harry." She raises her eyebrows. "He just gave you his number?" I swear, this girl doesn't believe anything. "He was drunk and stupidly, we switched numbers." She nods slowly. "So what? Are you like, friends with them now or something?" I sigh and look over at her. "I'm only friends with Harry and Louis. I haven't met the rest of them yet." She nods and looks over at the TV. "Oh, I forgot about the Vampire Diaries marathon!" She sits down next to Erika. 


Knock knock. "I'll get it!" I stood up, quickly walking over to the door. "Hey," I smile, hugging Harry. "Guys, this is Jenna. Jenna, this is the rest of One Direction." I smile and wave at them. "Hello," The smile politely. I move out of the way so they can get through the door. "Nice place ya got here," Niall says, looking around. "It's not mine, it's my aunts place. We're just visiting." We walk into the living room and Claire looks over at us; complete shock on her face. "You must be Claire, the birthday girl!" Harry opens his arms and Claire stood up, engulfing him in a hug. They step away from each other and Louis comes up beside Harry. "Happy birthday, love." He pulled her into a hug. We gathered around the couch; Erika, me, and Harry sitting on the couch. Louis sat in front of us; then there was Claire, Liam, Niall and finally Zayn, sitting on the floor. 


"So, are we going to be watching Vampire Diaries all day?" Louis whines, looking up at us. "Claire is 16, it's not like we can go out partying." Harry interrupts our conversation adding, "You did it 4 days ago, why not do it again?" Rolling my eyes, I look over at him. "That was just because we didn't feel like walking all the way here, drop her off, then walk all the way back to the night club. We're lazy, you know?" Harry starts laughing and shakes his head, looking over at Louis. "And girls call guys lazy," I scoffed and glared over at him. "Ok, i'm getting bored sitting her. Lets do something!" Louis can act like a child sometimes. "And all guys do is complain and whine." I look over at Harry, who is glaring at me. "That's so not true," "Oh, really? I'm bored. Lets do something else boo hoo hoo." I imitate Louis, earning a glare from him. I get up, after Harry staying silent; I won. "Okay, what do you guys want to do? Go to the beach? the park? Oh wait, you can't 'cause you'll get mobbed," I look over at Louis, who looks like he's thinking of what to say. "We could play a board game?" I nod and look over to Erika. "What board games do you have?" She gets up, walking over to a cupboard and started pulling out games. "We have..Monopoly, Game of Life, Sorry, Operation, Yahtzee, Snakes and Ladders," She names, while pulling out the boxes. "Let's play Yahtzee!" Harry says, in a cheery voice. "No way," Louis says, shaking his head. "Why not?" Louis walks over to us, looking at the games. "What about Game of Life?" I smile nodding. "I love that game," We put the other games back. Louis picks up Game of Life and brings it over to the coffee table in front of the couch. "Who wants to play?" I look around at them. "Only 6 people can play." "I'll watch," Zayn says, stealing my spot on the couch. "I'll watch with him," Liam adds. "Ok. Let's play." 




"See you again, sometime," Niall says, hugging me. "Will probably see you guys soon. We have nothing planned so if you want to chill just call Harry. He has my number," He nods and walks out the door, Liam and Zayn close behind him. "See you girls later," Harry says, pulling me into a hug. "Probably in a few hours," He laughs and I hug Louis. I watched them walk out the door and toward Harry's car. Louis waved from the window in the passenger seat. I smiled, waving back. I watch as they pull out of the drive way, driving down the street. Erika emerges from the living room. "I just noticed, wheres our moms?" I watch as their car drives out of sight before closing the front door and answering her. "slept in, I guess." Erika rolls her eyes, sighing. "They went to visit grandma who was rushed to the hospital this morning." I nod and went upstairs. "I'm going to get to bed." She just nods, walking into the living room where Claire is probably still watching Vampire Diaries. Closing my bedroom door, I walk over to my bed, plugging my phone into the charger. I change into more comfortable clothes and climb in bed. Hearing my phone buzzing, I pick it up noticing a text from Harry. 


Night, Beautiful x


I smile, typing back,


Night xx

I set my phone on the end table and turn over closing my eyes, trying to get to sleep. I sigh in frustration turning over onto my back. For some reason I can't stop thinking about Harry. I only met him 4 days ago but come on. Who wouldn't fall for Harry Styles? Especially when you met the real him. Not the Harry the media makes him out to be. 


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