Disconnect [Harry Styles]

Jenna and her family decide to go to London England for their family vacation for the summer. While wandering around the streets of London with her cousin, Erika, they sneak into a night club not know the boys of One Direction are partying there..


6. Chapter 6

 After playing golf for 2 hours, we all decided to go out for dinner. "Where do you want to go?" Harry asked, starting up the car. "How about we just go to Nandos?" Everyone nods. "This is my first time at Nandos," Louis grabs my arm and turns me to face him. "You have never been to Nandos before?" I shake my head and we walk in the restaurant. After finding a table, i take off my sweater, hanging it on the back of the chair. A young waiter, who looks around 18, walks over to our table with a big smile. "What may I get you guys tonight?" We all order -- Louis ordering for me -- and he walks off. "So, how long are you here in London?" Harry suddenly asks. "only 2 months, then i'm heading back to Canada. My sister is still in school." Harry nods and takes a sip of his drink that the waiter just brought over. "Are you still in school?" I shake my head. "I graduated in June." It was silent for a moment until the waiter came back with our food. "here you go ma'am," he smiles at me, setting my food in front of me. "Thank you." I smile politely back. I see Harry tense up from the corner of my eye. 




   "So, what now?" We just arrived back at Harry and Louis' flat. "It's getting kind of late. We should head back home." I stand up and stretch. "Okay, see you girls later," I hug the boys goodbye and walk out the door and over to my car that was parked outside of their flat. 


   "We're home!" I yell, walking in the door; Erika right behind me. "In here!" I hear my moms voice come from the living room. I walk in the living room, finding my mom and aunt Tracy sitting on the couch watching TV. "Where have you girls been?" I walk over to them and sat down on the floor. "Long story." I look over at Erika and we smile at each other. "We have time," our moms say, leaning back on the couch. "Well, we went partying a few days ago at this popular night club and just so happens, One Direction were partying there. I somehow got Harry's number and we have been hanging out ever since." My mother raises her eyebrow and I sigh. "I told you it's a long story," she chuckles and shakes her head. "Well anyways, what are we doing for Claire's birthday?" Erika asks, sitting down beside me. "Chill at home. We don't have any friends in England to invite over." I say. I look over at Erika and a smile spreads across our faces. "One Direction." 


{{Sorry its short. Just a filler :) And just saying, the chapter is called 'out with Larry' because, Jenna and Erika are ...hanging out with Larry? haha anyways Please vote/comment ily <3 }}

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