Disconnect [Harry Styles]

Jenna and her family decide to go to London England for their family vacation for the summer. While wandering around the streets of London with her cousin, Erika, they sneak into a night club not know the boys of One Direction are partying there..


4. Chapter 4

    "Tell me everything! Don't leave out any detail," Erika squeals excitedly, pulling me into her bedroom to sit down on the soft bed. "Okay well..he was 20 minutes late," She interrupts me, "that was a bad start." I nod and continue. "I was walking away when I heard him call out my name. I got in his car and we were deciding where to go. We couldn't go to any public places cause we would just end up getting mobbed and having to run so, we decided to go to his and Louis' flat." I pause to see if she is going to comment. "so...your date was at his flat?" I nod. "Ok, continue." I re-adjust myself on her bed before continuing. "All we did was watch movies and talk about his family and when he was on the X-Factor. You text'd me so, I decided to just leave 'cause our movie had just finished." She nods in understanding. "You guys didn't kiss? or do anything?" I shake my head scrunching up my eyebrows. "Of course not. It wasn't actually a date. We were just hanging out. Like friends." I emphasize the word friends. "Whatever you say," She smirks at me and I roll my eyes. "Keep dreaming."



   "What do you want to do?" I scroll through Twitter on my phone while hanging upside down on the couch. "I don't know...why don't we go to the mall. Claire's 15th birthday is on Saturday. I still need to get her a gift." My eyes widen and I almost fall off the couch. "Shit! Ok, let's go I almost forgot!" Erika laughs then glares at me. "You forgot about your sisters birthday? What a nice sister you are," I roll my eyes and grab my purse. "Yeah yeah, shut up." We get in Erika's grey Chevrolet and drive of to the mall. 

   "Where do you want to go first?" We just got to the mall and it's packed in here. "Why is it so crowded like, it's not even a holiday!" Erika complains. We both agree on going to HMV first since it's cheap. "What kind of bands does she like?" I thought for a moment while going through some music albums on a shelf. "Well. She is a typical teenager. She likes Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson, 5 Seconds of Summer," I named a few. I went to a different shelf and started looking around. I pulled out a Cody Simpson album. "I'm getting her this Cody album," I say, holding up the album. "Okay, I already found 5 Seconds of Summer's EP." I nod and we walk over to the check out. 

"That was easy." Erika says as we walk out of the store and looked around. "I'm getting kind of thirsty, though." I looked to the right and found Starbucks. "Look at the line up. I'm not standing in that." Erika nods and we start walking into random stores. 

  "Okay, i'm done walking around. My legs are killing me," Erika complains and we walk outside, breathing in fresh air. I check my phone and noticed I had a text from Harry.

You free? Louis wont stop pestering me about you. .x

I smile and reply back

Just finished shopping. Where do you want to meet? xx

I put my phone in my purse and look over to Erika who is smirking at me. "What?" I say, knowing exactly what she's thinking. "You just spent 5 minutes smiling at your phone. Are you sure you guys are just friends?" I groan and start walking to her car. "I'm sure. I wouldn't date a boy band member anyways. They come with too much trouble."

We stay silent for the whole ride home. I put my bags down in my room and sigh. I decided to text Harry. 

Okay, what time do you want to chill? xx

I walk downstairs and see a note on the kitchen table. 

Went out with Claire and Aunt Tracy. Be back soon xx - Mum 

I walk up stairs and decide to wrap Claire's gift. I grab my phone that was vibrating on the end table.

I'll pick you up at your house. What's the address? .x

I hold back a smile

8 Duncan Drive. I'm bringing my cousin with me xx

I put Claire's gift on my end table and went to see what Erika was doing. "Hey," I say, walking into her room. "What's up?" I sit down on her bed and shrug. "I don't know. Just wanted to know if you want to come meet Harry and Louis." Her eyes widen and she jumps up excitedly. "Yes!" I laugh and look at the clock. "He'll be here any minute so go grab your stuff and let's go," I walk out of her room just in time. knock knock. I fly down the stairs and open the door. "Hey!" I smile and hug him. "Hey, you guys ready?" I nod and look behind me. "Erika, let's go!" I yell so she could hear me. She runs down the stairs and notices Harry is standing at the doorway. "Hey," she says, smiling and walking over to us. He smiles back politely and gives her a warm hug. We walk over to his car and climb in. 


   "Lou, we're back!" Harry yells, as we walk in the door. I here foot steps coming down the stairs and Louis pops up from around the corner. "Hey guys!" He says, cheerfully. I smile and wave. "This is Jenna and her cousin --" Harry fades out, not knowing her name. "Erika," she butts in, smiling. "Nice to meet you girls," we both gave Lou a hug and sit down on the couch. "So, what do you guys want to do?" Harry asks, flipping through the channels on the TV. "Let's go to the movies," Louis suggests, coming out of the kitchen with a cup of tea -- I'm assuming. "What movie?" Erika pulls out her phone and goes on her movie app. "What about...this Disney movie called 'Frozen'?" I shrug and look at the boys. "Sounds fine to me. I'm a sucker for Disney movies. What about you boys?" Harry nods and Louis shrugs. "Let's give it a shot." We stand up, gathering our things and walking toward the door. "To the movies!" We all cheer and pile in Harry's car. 


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