Disconnect [Harry Styles]

Jenna and her family decide to go to London England for their family vacation for the summer. While wandering around the streets of London with her cousin, Erika, they sneak into a night club not know the boys of One Direction are partying there..


16. chapter 16


 "Jenna, you might want to take a look at this," I walk up to her and look at the paper. My mouth dropped open, and a frown appears on my face.

'Harry Styles Reunites With His Ex-Girlfriend, Alexis Anderson'

"This can't be true." I shake my head in denial. "We ran into her and I seen what happened. Nothing happened with them." Claire then shows me a picture in the top right of the article. A picture of Harry and Alexis at the club, dancing. "What," I furrow my eyebrows and stand up straight. "Did he go back to the bar after he dropped you off?" Claire asks, setting the magazine down beside her. "He said he was going home and taking care of the boys," I say, looking at her. "Well then, he lied." I run my hand through my hair and went upstairs to my room. "I need some time alone."

Closing my bedroom  door, I walk over to my bed, picking up my phone. 3 new messages from Harry. Great.

Jenna, please don't believe anything that's in the newspaper .xx

I clicked reply

There’s a picture in the newspaper. Nice try.

I let a few tears slip before turning my phone off and leaving it on my end table. I sat on my bed and opened up my laptop, logging on Twitter. In the past month I have gained 5k followers and my mentions have completely exploded. I scrolled through my mentions, following some fans in the process.

“Are you dating Harry”

“Are you and Harry dating or…”

“Harry was out with another girl. I thought you guys were dating?”

I stopped and just logged out, setting my phone on my bed. Only a month until I head back home to Canada. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Come in!” Erika walks in and sits on my bed. “Did you talk to him?” I just roll my eyes. “No. He told me not to listen to the news.” I then got a text from him.

Please let me explain. I have a day off tomorrow so I’m flying back to London for the day. x

My eyes widened and I looked over at Erika.

“He’s flying back here tomorrow to explain everything.” She scrunches up her eyebrows. “Isn’t he touring?” I nod and clicked reply.

No. Don’t.

“He has a day off tomorrow.” She nods and smiles at me, sympathetically. “You should let him explain,” I shouldn’t actually be shocked. I should’ve known this was going to happen. I’m just pissed because he lied to me and went back to the bar while he told me he was going home.


“your dad wants to know if you want to watch a movie to get your mind off everything.” I look up and nod, standing up. “Sure, why not.” I slid my phone in my pocket and follow Erika downstairs.

“What movie do you want to watch?” We were going through the movies on the shelf. “How about….soul surfer?” We all nodded in agreement and Erika puts the disk in.




“Who wants pizza?” my aunt says, walking in from the kitchen. “Me!” we all say, smiling. “Okay. It’ll be here in 40 minutes.”

The movie just ended and we were chatting about random topics. “Oh, guess what!” Erika suddenly says, excitedly. “What?” She looks at me with a huge smile on her face before answering. “I got tickets to see The 1975 in 2 days!” I jump out of my seat. “You did?!” She nods and stands up, walking to the shelf. “See,” she takes the tickets off the shelf and shows me them. “It includes a meet and greet, too!” I shake my head, smiling. “That’s amazing.”


“Pizza is here!” I hear aunt Tracy yell from the kitchen. We walk in the kitchen and take a seat at the table. “We have pepperoni or plain cheese.” I think for a moment. “I’ll have pepperoni.” She nods and gives me a slice, setting it down in front of me.

“Harry messaged you,” Erika says to me. I forgot I left my phone on the table. I took it from her and opened the message.

Nope. I’m coming to explain everything. Already bought a ticket back. See you soon. xx

I sigh and type back an ‘okay.’

“Harry will be here tomorrow around 10am.” I say, reading his last text. “Okay.” I walk upstairs to my bedroom, Erika following behind me. “So, are you going to forgive him?” I just shrug and sit on my bed. “Depends on his explanation.” I open up my laptop and click the power button, turning it on. “He is your idol,” I shrug my shoulders. “I don’t care. I could care less if he is my idol or not. I don’t date liars. Famous or not.” She doesn’t say anything, standing up. “Well, hopefully he has a good explanation.” She says, smiling. I smile back, nodding. “He better.”  

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