Disconnect [Harry Styles]

Jenna and her family decide to go to London England for their family vacation for the summer. While wandering around the streets of London with her cousin, Erika, they sneak into a night club not know the boys of One Direction are partying there..


13. chapter 13

   "Where are you going?" I asked Erika, as she's putting on her jacket. "Work. I'll be home at 5." I just nod and put my plate in the sink. Remembering I left my phone charging, I went upstairs to my room. I walked over to the end table and notice I have a new message. 

We have a photo-shoot till 12, sorry. x

I sigh and just replied with an 'ok'. I walked downstairs and sat down on the couch. Thankfully, my favourite show was on a marathon; Degrassi. 

"Morning," Claire says, appearing from the stairs. "Morning." She sat down beside me, still half asleep. "What do you have planned for today?" I just shrug, not moving my vision from the TV. "The boys are busy today so, my plans for today is doing nothing." She sighs and hands me an article. "Look who appeared in the paper today." I looked over at it and my eyes widen. Sitting up quickly from my lying position, I grab the article and read the headlines. "Harry Styles Brings Home Mystery Girl" I read allowed. "Where did you find this?" I say, looking over at Claire. "It's all over the news." I place the article down on the table and just stare at it. The picture is of me standing on the steps, while Harry unlocked and opened the door. Not to mention, we're holding hands. Great, now I can't live a normal life either. As I come to think of it, this is one of the consequences of dating a celebrity. I sigh and as if on cue, Harry messages me. 

Did you happen to read the news paper today? xx

I sighed and pressed reply. 

Yes. x

I stood up and looked out the window. "At least there's no paps or fans at our house." I say, trying to brighten up my mood. "Yet." Claire adds. "Shut up." I stood up and checked my phone. 

Sorry, I thought we were doing good, sneaking around xx

I rolled my eyes, even though he cant see me.

Maybe you should be more cautious because now I don't know if I'll be able to go out with out being followed. x

No, I'm not mad at him. I'm just ...worried? Frustrated? I don't know. What will happen now? Can I still go out with out being followed by fans or paparazzi's? I don't know why i'm worrying that much. Maybe this could be good. My thoughts were pushed to the back of my head when I felt my phone vibrating. 

Sorry, hope you're not mad. I'm dropping by after the photo-shoot. Love you. x

I couldn't help but smile. 

I'm not. See you soon. Love you, too x

I put my phone back in my pocket, looking at Claire. "Harrys coming over later. Just giving you a heads up." She smiles and nods. "Are you two like...a thing?" She asked. I couldn't help but smile while saying it. "Yes." She just smiles. "So, my older sister is dating a member from my favourite band. That's cool." I laugh and shake my head. "You're weird." Claire stands up and stretches. "What time is he coming?" I glance at the clock. "Around 12:30." She nods and starts heading upstairs. "Where are you going?" I call out to her. "getting ready for when your boyfriend comes over" She winks and swiftly turns, walking up the stairs. I smile, shaking my head. I looked at the time. 11:20am already?! I quickly went upstairs to get ready. 

"Jenna, he's here!" Claire yells from downstairs. "Ok, coming!" I grab my phone and close my door, walking downstairs. "Why didn't you open the door?" I ask Claire, who's watching TV (mostly staring at Harry through the window) "He's here to see you. Plus, I don't think I'll be able to speak properly if I answered it." I laugh and walk up to the door, opening it. "Hey," I welcome him with a hug. I pull away and look at him.

"We need to talk." 


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