Friends With Benefits and Drugs (Ashton-Michael Fan-Fic)

Parties. Drugs. Sex. People. Trouble. Fun.

"Hi, I'm Michael"
"Nice, Aleah. Follow me upstairs?" He nodded.

"Is that LSD?" I nodded taking one from the plastic bag.
"Can I get some?"


7. Chapter 7 - Not Your Drunken One-Night Stand

"Babe. Babe. Babe" Michael annoyingly poked my side over and over again.

"What the fuck is it?"

"Where's Fifa?"

"Ugh. It's in the bookshelf. Third column to the floor. Keep it down or you all can play outside." I lectured Michael. He left a kissed at the crease of my neck and shoulder.

"Yes mom." I drifted back to sleep but about 10 minutes in I heard Michael yelling.

"How the fuck do you not like fifa?!"

"I don't know. Video games aren't my thing I guess."

"You better like Fifa soon," Calum added.

"Yeah before your not the drummer anymore!"

"So whose going first?" Ashton added with a chuckle. I came out of my room and hopped on the couch and fell over.

"Shit always finding yourself in someone's crotch, aren't you?" Calum laughed. I looked up and took and pillow. I walked over to him and put the pillow onto his body. I sat down and he grunted to the new amount of weight added onto his stomach.

"Hurts doesn't it Douche?"

"Hmmp. Get. Off." He breathed out.

"Quick. Being. A. Dick. To. People." I bounced up and down on the pillow.

"Truce. Truce. I'm sorry!" He pleaded as I sat up.

"And just too make it clear, I'm not in everyone's pants. I'm no groupie." He flushed with embarrassment. Michael's bare arms wrapped around my waist as he swung me around and back onto his lap on the couch. He kissed my cheek and laid his head on my shoulder.

"OH! FIFA!" I yelled stealing the controller from Ashton.

"Hey! Give it!" He yelled back.

"Your losing to Luke ! How do you lose against Luke?"

"That's not very nice, I'm offended!" Luke butt-in.

"But you know you can't beat me!" Luke stared at the TV with focus even though he knew he would lose.

"TO THE LEFT! WATCH OUT HE'S GUARDING YOU!" Michael yelled in my ear trying to cheer me on as the boys sat around. Ashton and I were playing a very intense game of Fifa after he doubted my abilities to beat him.

"Mike, I see he is right there!" I pushed him off the couch. Michael got back up and tackled me.

"Ah you dick! I lost!" Ashton received many high fives from the boys.

"That wasn't fair!" It grew late and all the boys past out in the living room but Ashton and I were still awake. I grabbed the milk, cereal and two bowls to the the living room.

"I got some food. I was hungry and I thought you might be."

"Thanks. Wanna watch a movie or something?" I nodded and went to the movies.

"Bridesmaids, Titanic, Shrek, Love Actually, and all of the Hangovers." I turned around with the movies I picked.

"Hangover doesn't sound bad. Movie marathon sound cool?"

"I'm up for it" I plugged in the first hangover and sat on the free space on the cough under Michael's feet.

"So tell my about yourself Ashton."

"Not much to tell. Just a normal teenager that goes to school at day and plays the drums at night."

"Sounds like a boring cliche life you have there"

"It is. Tell me about yourself."

"Ah, I live in this big house alone. Party, miss school every week, drink. I'm basically the kid no one ever wanted."

"So your life is like the hangover?"

"What do you mean?"

"Parting, drinking, drugs, guys and girls."

"How do you know so much about me?" I laughed.

"You said you party and drink. What teenager hasn't tried drugs or been with the same sex."

"You." I answered as he gave me a shocked look.

"True. How do you know so much about me?"

"Because you are nothing like me."

"You don't know me Aleah."

"And what makes you think I don't?" I cocked my head to the side trying to be somewhat mysterious.

"I'm not a stereo-type. You can't assume who I am. I'm not you're drunken one-night stand, your drug dealer or the women that left you for another women." A lump occupied my throat as I tried to look as no emotion was behind my eyes.

"You don't have to hid who you are to me. I know about you and Michael. It's not love babe, you're filling the void that your parents left you with. The house constantly reminds you of the emptiness you're left with."

"Caraphernelia" I whispered.

"Pierce the Veil?" I nodded.

"A broken-heart disease whenever someone leaves you but leaves all their things behind." We recited it at the same time.

"It's the type of feeling this house gives me. How do you know me so well already?''

"My dad isn't in the picture. Little things remind me of him. I've never had that father figure in my life."

"One more question'' He nodded and looked at me. "How do you know my mom is lesbian and my dad left?"

"My mum worked at one of the bases your dad stayed in. She was a nurse and when your father got injured she took care of him. I guess he left out a lot the while they spent together,''

"Well I'm kinda glad he did. I don't think I could of explain it all to you myself."

"Come on it's half 4 in the morning. Lets sleep."

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