The Gang

Jasmine is a straight A student in high school, follows all the rules, always goes through her rule book checking if she broke one. Until Harry comes along and takes her somewhere she dreaded never to see in her entire life. READ TO FIND OUT


3. Trouble

It was Tuesday, i just wished it was Saturday. I put on my usual clothes and didn't care about putting make-up on. Why should i try when Zayn already saw me. I put on my white converses and pearl earrings. I was so focussed on my look that i forgot about the time. It was 8:55, my school starts at 9. It takes me 15 minutes to get there, I panicked. I have the best attendance record out of the whole school. My thoughts were ripped apart as i noticed that i was just wasting time. I had exactly 2 mintues. Ugh... i don't care anymore.


I have been pretending i love attending school, well I DON'T. I have been pretending i love doing homework, well i DON'T. I have been pretending to be a goody goody, well i DON'T. I have been lying all these years. Zayn and i would always skip school sometimes but its over for us. I couldn't take being in my 'usual' clothes. I ran to my room taking off all my clothes replacing them with white distressed short shorts, a black crop top that said 'Fuck School' then put on my black converses. I grabbed my iphone and purse running outside to my car and drvoe to starbucks. I finally decided to just make a entrance when i get to school :D 

I was outside my classroom making sure my clothes are pretty revealing. I loved being a bad ass. I checked the time how late i am, 45 mintues late.... whoops haha. Its time to make the entrance. Perrie and Zayn are in the back making out, don't worry im going to get their attention. IT'S TIME.

M: Me     T: teacher   Z: Zayn   P:Perrie

M: *kicked open the door with one foot, walking in swaying my hips side to side smirking.*
T: Jasmine?!?! You are 45 minutes late! Where have you been??
M: Haha I go by the name Ashley. and i went to get starbucks.

Z: *Eyes widened* Its her, its really her.
T: Whatever, i am shocked you are back. Take a seat next to Zayn. Perrie would you mind switching spots, i want u here up the front.
P: Ugh whatever! >:(
M: *smirks*



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