Is It Love? (Short Story)

So since there is a lot and I mean A LOT of 1D (which isn't bad) I'm doing a twist

Brittany finds out she's related to Andy Biersack and soon she starts dating Ashley Purdy. Short Story *COMPLETED*


5. Epiloque

* 14 years later

Brittany's POV

It's been 14 years since me and Ashley have known each other we've been married for 7 of the 14 years. We have a set of twins, Boy & Girl. They are 5 and love to rock out to Black Veil Brides and other bands. We raised them right I guess. Well enough on the back story let's spend a day in the life of the Purdy Family!


I turn over and lay my head on Ash's chest then I hear Mae crying and I get up and go check on her. She's sitting up holding her teddy bear.I sit on her bed and pull her into my lap.

"Awe sweetie what's wrong?" I rub her back and hug her.

"I had a bad dream, it was about you and daddy fighting" she plays with her bear.

"Well me and daddy are fine we haven't fought once yet" I kiss her forehead then Ash walks in but I don't notice him until he says something.

"She's right Princess, plus Max had the same dream so" I jump slightly when he starts talking.

"See Pumpkin everything is okay" I lay her back down and kiss her forehead.

"Go back to bed it's four o'clock in the morning Mae" I cover her up

"Okay Mommy" she snuggles with her teddy and falls back asleep. I stand up and walk over to Ash and wrap my arms around his waist and look up at him. He leans down and kisses me, I smile and kiss back.

"Your an amazing wife and mommy" he hugs me and I smile

"Well your an amazing daddy and husband" I smile more and he kisses me again pulling on my lip

"We have another room for a baby maybe we can try?" He winks an bites his lip sexy

"Well about that" I go into our room and go to the dresser and open one of the drawers pulling a picture frame out and hand it too him.

"We better start gettin the room ready for this one" I smile and he picks me and spins me around.

"I'm gonna be a father again" he says happily and kisses me again. He lays me on the bed and well you know the rest. I wake up a few hours later and get dressed and go check on the twins.I smile and go down stair then start on breakfast. A few minutes later I feel arms wrap around my waist and Ash kisses my neck.

"Babe stop I have to cook" I bite my lip and he nods going to get the kids ready. My phone starts blasting "welcome to the black parade" by MCR. I answer and it's Andy

A- hey everyone's coming over today I already talked to Ashley and he said you guys have a big announcement

B- Yeah we do well I guess I'll feed the kids and then well head over

A- Okay see you guys when you get here.

-end of convo-

The twins come running down stairs and I place their plates in front of them

"Eat quickly guys were going to Uncle Andy's house !"

"Yay! Okay mummy" Max says he picked up my British accent and so did Mae.

-two hours later-

Were chilling at Andy's then me and Ash stand up

"Me and Ash have an announcement..I'm pregnant again" everyone claps and cheers


-2 years later-

I'm rushing around the house getting the twins ready for school and Ash is getting Ella and Ethan ready. I know four kids at 28 shocker.

"Mae ,Max come on we've got to get you guys to school" I usher them out the door then Ash comes down with the twins and kisses me.

"I'll see you when I get back from the studio babe" he takes Ethan and Ella to the car and buckles them up then goes to the studio

I come back home after dropping the kids off and I go upstairs and fall asleep.

-4 hours later-

I hear the kids going to their rooms to do their home work and Ashley going to put the twins in their cribs for a nap. Then Ashley comes into the room and lays next to me and wraps his arm around my waist.

I love my family I'm happy I have them in my life I couldn't ask for a better family


Authors Note

So guys I decided to do a short story instead cause the sequel is gonna be about Mae and her life as Ashley Purdy's daughter any way I hope you enjoy it! Bye my fluffy unicorns

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