Is It Love? (Short Story)

So since there is a lot and I mean A LOT of 1D (which isn't bad) I'm doing a twist

Brittany finds out she's related to Andy Biersack and soon she starts dating Ashley Purdy. Short Story *COMPLETED*


1. Leaving London

A/N: This is my first story on here but I have one on wattpad :D and it has about 213 reads but I haven't been able to update it so yeah

Brittany's POV:

"Stay for tonight if you want toI can show you what my dreams are made of as I'm -"

"Brittany turn it off!" Oh gosh there goes my lovely step brother Austin (note sarcasm)

You see my mum divorced my dad Four years ago because she "didn't love him anymore" but really she left him because he didn't give her enough attention like seriously? I mean yeah I'm a daddy's girl but you still got attention.

So my name is Brittany Anna Elise Biersack I LIVE for music I like a lot of music I just can't stand One Direction (no offense to directioners) I mean yeah they are British and Irish but come on Austin Carlile is British too! Any ways my story is that BvB saved me from so much. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE says I look like Andy Biersack but every time is ask my dad if it's true he just ignores it /).(\

-Bee do Bee Do Bee do- i checked my phone and it was my BFFSD (best friend since diapers) Kelly

Kelly- Hey girl guess who got tickets for BVB!! (^.(\ one hint it's me ^.^

Brittany- That's AWESOME! I can finally meet Andy and Ash the Perv (No Offense ash)

Kelly- Ikr all I want is to meet cc and call it good ;P

Brittany- naughty girl ;) anyways gtg getting something

-End of texts-

"Brittany come down stairs" dad yells

"Okay" I run down the stairs to my dad

"Great / Bad news..." Dad said

"Okay what is it"

"We're moving to the U.S. After your concert"


A/N: so this is my first story in here sorry if it's short I'm having writers block kinda so I need to go right it down anyways here is the first chapter!

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