Bethany Winters gave up everything for one boy. Justin Bieber. He meant everything to her, but on accident she found out something that absolutely broke her heart. Now she wants revenge. And to do that means entering a world she was never interested in before--the entertainment world. But what happens when she coincidentally bumps into the world's biggest boy band, One Direction, and becomes their lyricist? All she wants is revenge or at least that was what was supposed to be on her mind. But can one curly haired boy, make her want something more than revenge? Make her believe in love again?


5. One DIrection Concert


Harry's POV


"Stop fooling around Harry and sit down" Paul called over his shoulder. I was not the least bit discouraged and continued anyways. While in the midst of this, I managed to distract Paul enough. He whipped around and was about to say something when Liam shouted

"Paul! STOP!". All of us directed our attention at the front and saw a girl. Paul abruptly hit the breaks and was literally seconds away from hitting her. We all sighed in relief and the first thing I did was get out of the car and help the poor girl up. I felt bad that I had gotten her hurt and her stuff was everywhere. There was paper scattered all over the floor. She looked up and my heart skipped a beat as I saw her. She was stunningly beautiful, but there seemed to be something more to her. Something in here eyes, told me she wasn't like other girls. She seemed…different…but a good  different. I helped her pick up her stuff and my heart was doing little flips. I just met her, I didn't even know her name or anything about her. Was this what you'd call love at first sight...I saw a few more loose papers folded together. I glanced at them and saw…lyrics. Just skimming them I could feel the emotion.

"Th-thank you" she stuttered.

"Don't thank me, it was my fault you were almost hit by a car and got coffee spilled on you" I apologized.

"Harry! Stop flirting with the girl!" Louis shouted from behind. I shot him a glare, but he only smirked. He was going to hold this over me for so long. Just then, I saw and heard flashes and screams of fans. Thanks Lou for getting everyone's attention. Before thinking completely, I covered her face and pushed her into the van. After reluctantly taking the blame, what she said next threw us all off. How does she not know us? Know me to be exact? I was the famous Harry Styles. Everyone knew me! I shot them a look and we shrugged. One by one, we introduced ourselves to her.

​"Mine's…Aria" she said shyly. 

Shortly after, we made it back to our hotel. I gave her my hoodie and she put it on. It was big on her of course, but she looked so cute in it. I grabbed hand and led her to my room. I was rooming with Louis but he went with the boys. He shot me a smirk to which I rolled my eyes. I wrapped her up and when she turned to leave, I gave her my hoodie, slipping in something. I needed to see her again. I didn't want to leave my life just yet. She took the food and the hoodie and that was the last of I saw here, at least for now.





"What?" I said startled. I turned to see all the boys looking at me.

"We've been calling you name to whole time" Zayn said.

"Were you thinking about someone?" Niall asks with a grin.

"Ahem *cough* *cough* Aria" Louis says. I don't say anything and it pretty much gives it away.

​"Awww…Harry has a crush" Liam joins in squeezing my cheeks. I shrug away.

"Concert is starting boys" Paul called us. I sighed to myself that they were finally dropping the subject and we were going on stage. I looked around trying to find Aria, but failed. Maybe she wasn't coming? Before I knew it, the concert was starting.


Beth's POV


I made it back home without trouble. Paul had offered me a ride and I gladly took it. It was around eight when I arrived back at my apartment. My life seemed to get more and more dramatic it seems. With the whole Justin thing, the makeover, and then almost getting hit by a car. I slumped myself into my small couch and looked at the hoodie in my arms. It smelled just like Harry. I realized I was smiling as I was holding it. It was still warm and my scent and his intermingled. I held it up and saw something fall out. It was a One Direction concert ticket for tonight and a back stage pass. It didn't take me long to put the pieces together.

I pulled out my laptop and searched 'One Direction'. I went to images and there were millions of pictures of the five boys in the car I was talking to today. I recognized all of them. That explains the screaming girls and flashing camerasI stared at the ticket for what seemed like hours. Should I go or should I just forget about it? I was contemplating whether I should go or not. It wouldn't hurt to go would it? I made up my mind and searched through the bags of clothes and stuff I bought today. 

I took a shower, but made sure to not wet my freshly dyed hair. I just cleaned my body and changed into something suitable.  I decided on black high-waisted shorts and a floral crop top. I finished it off it with my trusty and worn in combat boots. I pulled on the Harry's hoodie which was nice and warm and took a small bag. I put in my essentials like my phone, money, journal, keys, lip balm, etc. Remembering the tips I got for doing my hair and makeup, I skillfully put on some dark eyeshadow and a pinky red lip. Well as skillful as it was going to get for me. I curled my hair once again and looked at myself in the mirror. I saw a perfect and pretty girl. I know longer saw the boring pushover of a girl that used to be here.

As I pulled up in front of the arena, I saw that there was still a long line of screaming One Direction fans. I felt kind of bad that I, who wasn't a fan of them much less even heard of them until like twenty minutes ago, had a ticket I didn't pay for and a back stage pass. I showed them the pass and they gladly put me through. I could feel the glares of girls behind me. When I got inside, it was literally super packed and busy. I found my seat and was amazed by how well they sung. Usually, I only listened to Justin's music, but obviously I wasn't going to do that anymore. I hummed along and sat there though out the concert. I actually really enjoyed myself. I was zoning out a bit, missing a part of the last song. It was a new song apparently. As I returned from daydreaming-er well technically night dreaming (I don't even think that's a word) I heard the familiar lyrics I wrote last night. My breath became hitched as I recalled the words as clear as day.

I heard Harry sing, "And well there must've been a time, I was the reason for that smile, so keep in mind…" I continued to listen. 

​"Tell me a lie…" I found myself mumbling the messy scrawled lyrics as the song finished. There was only one thing on my mind. Why the hell are they singing my song?

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